Calls for roundabout at dangerous Clonmel junction

Eamonn Wynne


Eamonn Wynne



There have been calls for a roundabout to be provided at the junction of the Western Road and Glenconnor Road in Clonmel, the scene of several accidents and near misses

A roundabout was needed at the junction of the Western Road and Glenconnor Road in Clonmel, where there had been a number of traffic accidents and near misses.

That was the claim made by Cllr. Siobhan Ambrose at a meeting of Clonmel Borough District.

Traffic travelled down the hill towards the junction from the Cahir direction so quickly, and a motorist involved in a recent accident was happy that no one had been killed.

The former Borough Engineer had been in favour of a roundabout but funding was the problem.

Cllr. Ambrose said it should be a priority.

Cllr. Pat English hoped there was enough land in that location for a roundabout because there was a serious need for one.

He said there must be between 400-500 houses on the Glenconnor Road and a large volume of traffic travelled on the road.

Cllr. Martin Lonergan supported the calls for a roundabout but said there was an issue with land and reaching an agreement with the HSE.

District Engineer Eamon Lonergan said that a preliminary roundabout design would be carried out on the junction as part of an overall examination of the Western Road.

He said that funding wasn't available this year and there may be "geometric limitations" to providing a roundabout there.

Mr. Lonergan said there was an electronic driver feedback sign approaching the junction from the Cahir Road. But these signs became less effective as more of them were provided.