Sewerage problems blighting Kilross estate in west Co. Tipperary

Cashel Tipperary Municipal District

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Sewerage problems blighting Kilross estate in west Co. Tipperary

Cllr Michael Fitzgerald

Tipperary County Council came under pressure to take in charge a local housing estate where a private sewerage system had to be installed because the public system doesn’t work, at the May meeting of Cashel Tipperary Municipal District.

Cllr Michael Fitzgerald called for Tipperary Co. Council to take in charge Rocksprings Housing Estate Kilross, consisting of 5 houses, “the only issues with this estate is where the Sewerage System is located.” The estate is located about 10 kilometers west of Tipperary town.

Cllr Fitzgerald said the public sewerage system “cannot be used” in this estate, and a developer had stepped in to install a private sewerage system.

However, the Council will not take in charge the estate due to outstanding issues around the private sewerage system. “There are 11 of them in the County. I think it’s grossly unfair,” said Cllr Fitzgerald. Some five houses are affected. “It’s ridiculous that that estate is being held up.” The developer is “greatly upset”, considering the amount of work he has done on the estate.

Cllr Fitzgerald called on the County Council and Irish Water to do everything possible to ensure that this estate can be taken in charge.

Cllr Mary Hanna Hourigan seconded the motion.

Cllr Roger Kennedy said part of the reason why this “debacle has ensued” is that Irish Water’s contracts do not include taking in charge estates where there is a private sewerage system. “This should have been foreseen by the Department,” said Cllr Kennedy.

It affects a number of other estates around the County. “Irish Water will not sit down with the Department and agree terms regarding taking in charge sewerage systems like this. It’s wrong that a private citizen will be held to ransom by corporations like Irish Water, and it needs to be urgently solved.”

Cllr John Crosse said they should “put pressure” on Irish Water, and it would be “no harm to get an update” from IW. “We are getting it in the neck. There have been a few false dawns regarding estates in our area.”

Cllr Crosse called for “one or two heads from Environment and Irish Water to brief us.” This needs to be done “before the long winter nights” set in.

Cllr Denis Leahy said the “frustration people have to put up with Irish Water and the various agencies is unreal. I hope Irish Water get their act together. People are paying their taxes and demand services.” People who pay their Property Taxes are asking “why don’t I have these services, and I agree with them.”

Cathaoirleach Cllr Michael Fitzgerald said he would “invite somebody from Irish Water” to attend a meeting with Councillors.