Tipperary farmers reminded that testing sprayers is required by law

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Tipperary farmers reminded that testing sprayers is required by law

Since November 2016 under Irish legislation all sprayers must be tested before use. This test will cover the sprayer until 2020. Thereafter, a test will be required every three years after 2020.

The legislation refers to all boom sprayers (above 3m) and blast/orchard sprayers.

Testing will regulate and rationalise the amount of spray which will reduce waste and save you money.

The chance of mid-season breakdown is also reduced if your sprayer is tested.

Testing your sprayer will protect you, your operator, employees and the general public from health and safety risks associated with using pesticides and contribute to a safer environment.

FRS equipment inspectors carry with them carefully calibrated testing equipment. The main components of the sprayer will be tested, including the control system(s), the pump, all nozzles, the pressure gauge(s), hose lines, pressures throughout the sprayer, filters, etc.

You will need to complete the pre-test checklist as published on the Departments website. Once completed, an FRS test booking can be made.

FRS testers will issue a certificate and a sticker to your sprayer. The tester will register your ‘pass’ with the Department.

In the event the sprayer does not meet the standard, recommendations will be provided informing the user of the necessary repairs.

FRS testers will carry a standard stock of parts. If possible they can fit or advise you on where to source parts.

FRS Training are QQI accredited course providers and have delivered thousands of pesticide application courses (Boom and Knapsack) nationwide.

All FRS equipment inspectors are qualified and registered with the Department. Take care that your tester has the necessary training and registration. You can check the Department’s website for confirmation – www.pcs.agriculture.gov.ie/sud

FRS Training has a long standing loyalty to, and relationship with, the farming community and offers a quality and reliable service. Contact FRS Training on 1890-201000; info@frstraining.com or www.frstraining.com