Kilsheelan/Kilcash KPLAN Fundraiser

French asses will do a 'right good job' in Kilsheelan

Over €80,000 spent this year

French asses will do a 'right good job' in Kilsheelan

Anthony Roche along with Edmond Prendergast, chairperson of KPLAN putting the French donkeys through their paces. Photo courtesy of John D. Kelly

A huge thank you to Anthony Roche whose brainwave is providing this year’s fundraiser for the Community Facility in Kilsheelan.

The local community Centre, KPLAN, is currently embarking on an ambitious development plan for 2018 and intend to provide showers, toilets, storage space and the much anticipated new kitchen by spending over €80,000 this year.

KPLAN Centre would like to publicly acknowledge the grant assistance from Tipperary County Council and the Capital Sports Grant but as everyone well knows, grant assistance only goes so far, KPLAN has to raise its own percentage to meet the grant criteria and complete the project. Well known Anthony stepped forward earlier this year and said he had a novel method of raising some funds.

Anthony decided to bring the family on a French holiday and lo and behold found a group of most obliging French females who Anthony says are guaranteed to perform on every occasion. 

Anthony guarantees the French lassies will be on the KPLAN community site later this year to deliver the goods. So if you would like to support Anthony and all the work on the community site, the front field of the KPLAN site has been divided into pre-determined squares by the talented young Stephen Leharte, converted onto a computer, randomly numbered and all the public have to do is to buy squares at €10 each and if you match the square that Anthony’s preferred assistant dumps on, you are the winner, that simple.

You can purchase as many squares as you like, all for a good cause. 

As a prize, Anthony is fully convinced given the extraordinary variance in temperatures this year, we are in for a long and bitter cold winter. The lucky winner, Anthony guarantees will not go cold this winter and that he, Anthony, is just the man to keep this person warm the whole winter through.

Anthony added “I have plenty in the tank even for the most demanding person and I won’t disappoint.”

So if you wish to support the Kilsheelan community centre and stay warm this winter, kindly purchase a line for €10 and join in the fun. Anyone wishing to take a card, kindly contact Anthony or any of the KPLAN committee. KPLAN would like to acknowledge the support of Clonmel Oil, Eric and Hydrotech, Tipperary County Council, CSG and are most grateful to all users and supporters of its community endeavours in Kilsheelan.

KPLAN are looking forward to its official opening later this year when people are encouraged to walk the new riverbank walkway, reach Kilsheelan partake in its hospitality and with the County Council’s grant assistance, walkers will be transported back home.