Cashel library helps people with disabilities create their own life-story books

Cashel library helps people with disabilities create their own life-story books

New initiative at Cashel library.


 Cashel Library with the support of Ann Bradshaw, the Gold Star Project and the HSE have been running a specialist project 'Growing Imaginations'  for the last few months, where 10 adults with disabilities from the Brothers of Charity and the IWA, are creating their own life-story  books.

People with disabilities can be often be forced into invisibility, and so frequently become  more unfamiliar to the rest of us. 

This Project aims to show how attitudes can change, allowing us to see the perfection in others, no matter how unfamiliar we are with the configuration of their bodies or brains.

Creativity has a very powerful effect on well-being People often say that they can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.  

Art is not about accuracy, it’s about expressing the human spirit. Art is a universal language that everyone can speak if they give it a go . 

The people who have contributed to this project have been very generous and courageous.  They have opened their hearts and given so much of themselves through their creativity and their willingness to experiment.

The results speak for themselves. Their work is warm, open and very moving. The image says more than any words. 

You can feel the emotion from some of the pages in these books, for example the picket fence in Audrey’s book  and the safety of her new home and dignity it's given. 

The sensory components of the books are all stored in specifically designed bag, which are produced by Cashel Craft group ( a group that meet in the library every Wednesday morning). 

The artist facilitating this project is Elena Sawczenko, who herself is profoundly Deaf.  Elena is so talented, she has great grasp on what the participants want to say in their art pieces despite all communication barriers. 

Her own story is  inspirational. These stories deserve to be showcased. The project has been a fantastic one – enjoyed thoroughly by all who are taking part.  

Organisers hope to end the  project with the presentation of merit certificates to all those involved. The books will then be available and may be borrowed by arrangement with Cashel Library for a month at a time by groups or individuals. 

Sinead Kane, (who was the first blind person worldwide to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days) is going to launch the project. 

 It will be held on 16th August at 2p.m.