Planned ban on cars entering Clonmel cemetery has been heavily criticised

Planned ban on cars entering Clonmel cemetery has been heavily criticised

Anger at move to ban cars from St. Patrick's Cemetery.


A proposed ban on cars entering St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Clonmel has been strongly criticised.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has described  Clonmel Borough District’s decision to progress with plans to prevent vehicular access to St. Patrick’s Cemetery as a disgrace and flies in the face of public opinion.

Commenting on the news Deputy McGrath said –  “This issue raised its head back in 2015 and at that time, thanks to a major campaign by members of the community and indeed those who have loved ones interred in St. Patricks, the decision was reversed.

At that time assurances were also given that the prevention of vehicles entering into the Cemetery would not be revisited.

However, it now seems that the Borough District have decided to use its Executive Function to push through these plans without even giving the locally elected Councillors for the Area a say on the matter.

“”I find this totally outrageous; it displays an abhorrent disregard for the elderly and those with a physical disability who want to be able to visit and pay their respect to their loved ones and is just wrong.

“It is unfortunate that, what we see here is the continued erosion of local democracy and decision making. I remain vehemently opposed to these plans as I did in 2015 and have called on the powers that be to reassess the situation as they did in 2015 and to desist implementing this draconian measure on the people of Clonmel and surrounding areas.

“Our burial grounds are a place of reflection and peace for everyone and should remain accessible by all,”