Tigers and cows at Dromineer Literary Festival's reading in Nenagh Arts Centre

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Tigers and cows at Dromineer Literary Festival's reading in Nenagh Arts Centre

When you read poet and authoer Ruth Padel's CV, you ask yourself how can one person do so much and be so accomplished in so many diverse fields?

From writing the most sensitive poetry of love, loss and grief (her most recent publication, Emerald, is an elegy for her mother on her death at the age of 97), to her novel Tigers in Red Weather, where she gives a detailed study of tigers, their habitats, their plight, and their future - Ruth Padel can do it all. She is a poet who writes exquisite prose.

As if that isn't enough, Ruth has also taught Greek at Oxford, opera in Princeton, excavated Minoan tombs on Crete, and published a book on rock music!

She also happens to be the great-great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin and you can meet her in Nenagh when she will read at the Dromineer Literary Festival on Friday, October 5, at 8pm in Nenagh Arts Centre.

Sharing the stage with Ruth will be John Connell author of The Cow Book.

It's fair to say John's book is also about a journey. A journey through depression to healing by reconnecting with his roots, his family, community and friends, and especially with the development of his relationship with the animals on his farm.

Two authors from different backgrounds but both speaking about nature and loss but above all redemption and hope through love.

It promises to be a great night.

Booking is open at Nenagh Arts Centre.