Opening night of Cashel Arts Festival on September 20th

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Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Opening night of Cashel Arts Fest on September 20th

Former UK Labour Party MP and Birmingham Six advocate, Mr Chris Mullin

Cashel Arts Festival organisers are delighted to welcome author Julian Gough to open the 16th annual Cashel Arts Festival and Pádraig Grant’s photographic exhibition on September 20th next.

Julian is a prolific author of adult and children’s books and short stories, economic satirist, sometime poet, former singer and main lyric writer with the band, Toasted Heretics.

He also won the prestigious BBC Short Story Award in 2007 – the world’s biggest prize for a single short story.
Festival organisers are delighted to welcome Julian to this year’s festival, where he is also involved in a range of events over the weekend.

The opening night takes place at 7pm in The Teach Ceoil, Brú Ború, and is a ticketed event. For more information email

The 16th Cashel Arts Festival is taking place from Thursday 20th of September to Sunday 23rd of September and the lineup promises to bring you an action packed, fun filled weekend of events with something to suit everyone.
This year’s festival highlights include a lecture by Chris Mullin, former British Labour politician and diarist who was a member of parliament from Sunderland South from 1987 to 2010, Phelim Drew’s performance of ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ and music from the Contempo Quartet. Check out for more information and to book tickets.

New Inn Voices will perform on the night and refreshments will be provided by Brú Ború. After the opening ceremony, Phelim Drew will take to the stage in Brú Ború for ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’. ‘A man drifting through life, in 1920’s Paris, scraping by in dead end jobs and generally soaking up the rich underbelly of Parisian life, finds himself falling helplessly short and discovering a very different view of life, looking up from below.
With a keen understanding of social inequality and a wry sense of humour, he vividly recounts his experiences while down and out’. This play will start at 8.15pm and tickets are €15.

Former UK Labour party MP, and campaigner for the Birmingham Six, Chris Mullin, spoke to the Tipperary Star this week about his upcoming keynote speech. Chris will deliver the Bolton Lecture on September 22, focusing on his memoir 'Hinterland' which covers his life and times, followed by a Q&A session.

'A very British coup' isa 1982 political thriller written by Chris, and twice adapted for television, which charts the rise of a fictional left-wing politician who comes into conflict with the 'establishment'. “In the last few years, it's been re-printed 10 times. It's about the election of a left-wing Sheffield steel worker called Harry Perkins,” says Chris. Perkins, once played by the late Irish actor Ray McAnally, is targetted by Britain's 'deep state' and harassed by the tabloid media and intelligence services.

Chris says he enjoys addressing Irish festivals as they “always look after you well.”“I am looking forward to it. My experience of Ireland was during the investigation of the Birmingham Six.”
'Hinterland' describes not just Chris' time as an MP, but also his career as a freelance journalist in the far east, in China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the 1970s.
Chris will discuss the Birmingham pub bombings, and touch on brexit, which in Chris' view is a “historic mistake.”