Hike in grave digging charges at Clonmel cemetery could be on the way

Aileen Hahesy


Aileen Hahesy

Hike in grave digging charges at Clonmel cemetery could be on the way

St Patrick's Cemetery in Clonmel

A councillor's campaign to get Tipperary County Council to slash grave digging fees in Thurles is in danger of landing Clonmel residents with higher fees for opening graves at the town's St Patrick's Cemetery. 

Thurles Cllr David Doran (SF) repeated his call at this month's Co. Council meeting for the grave digging charges at Thurles's St Patrick's Cemetery to be "harmonised" with the cheaper fees charged at the Clonmel cemetery. 

He declared that the discrepency in the grave digging charges between both towns was "scandalous" and "unfair" with opening a grave in Thurles costing grieving families almost double what it cost in Clonmel. 

He also complained that there was a big difference in the cost of digging a grave in Thurles on weekdays compared to weekends and bank holidays. 

Cllr Doran said there had been a lot of talk in the Council about the harmonisation of charges around the county and he proposed that the Council harmonise grave digging charges by bringing the Thurles charges down to the level of those levied in Clonmel. 

Clonmel Workers & Unemployment Action Group Cllr Pat English, however, said he hoped the grave opening prices in Clonmel didn't increase to the Thurles cemetery rates. 

His concern was, no doubt, heightened when the Council's Director of Environment & Water Services Sean Keating gave his response to Cllr Doran's appeal. 

Mr Keating acknowledged there was a difference in the price of opening graves in different towns in the county. But it appeared to him that the charges in Thurles were the "most realistic" and he indicated the Council was going to have to bring charges levied in other towns into line with the Thurles grave digging fees. 

Cllr Doran responded that the grave opening fees in Thurles were "astronomical" and "very unrealistic" and he reiterated his appeal to reduce them to the rates charged in Clonmel.  

Mr Keating had the last word on the matter when he assured Cllr Doran the Council would come back to the elected members to speak about the issue.