Leaking sewage in Co. Tipperary housing estate is a danger to public health, Council warned

Aileen Hahesy


Aileen Hahesy

Leaking sewage in Co. Tipperary housing a danger to public health, Council warned

Cllr Michael Fitzgerald

Sewage leaking from a private housing estate's septic tank poses an "environmental health hazard and nightmare" to the estate's residents and children attending a neighbouring soccer club, a councillor has warned Tipperary Co. Council.
Co. Council management are in the process of taking action to resolve the sewage problem at the Oak Grove Estate at Newtown, Donohill since Cllr Michael Fitzgerald highlighted the issue at the Council's monthly meeting.
Cllr Michael Fitzgerald warned at the meeting that someone will get "violently sick" if action isn't taken to fix the issues at the estate of six houses.
He described how sewage leaking and overflowing from the estate's septic tank had pushed the tank over ground so it looked like a "spaceship".
The Fine Gael councillor said the septic tank was adjacent to St Nicholas Soccer Club, which had 300 members including many children, who played there every week.
Cllr Fitzgerald called on the Council to use a €12,000 bond the estate's developer paid to the Council to be used to repair the septic tank.
The Golden councillor described how the problem arose after the ESB turned off the power on the septic tank's operating system and also the estate's public lights. He had made representations to the ESB but they didn't want anything to do with it. When the power was turned off there was no effluent getting into the septic tank and it was instead going elsewhere. "When the effluent went under the septic tank it rose up. It's the very same as a spaceship. It's an environmental nightmare.
He complained that the Council will say it's a private scheme and Irish will say it has nothing to do with that but he feared someone was going to get seriously ill out of the houses or soccer club if action wasn't taken.
The Golden councillor said the ESB should be told to turn on the power again and Irish Water should be told that this situation isn't acceptable. "To have a septic tank overflowing and leaking effluent is not acceptable in any rural or urban society.
He complained that no one was accepting responsibility but someone had to be responsible. "We have to bite the bullet and face this. And the quicker the better.
The Council's Director of Water & Environment Services Sean Keating said he would follow up the issue Cllr Fitzgerald raised with his colleagues and see what can be done about this problem.
Cllr Fitzgerald told The Nationalist the Council has made a lot of progress in securing the release of the €12,000 bond to deal with the problems at the Donohill housing estate since he raised the problem at the Council meeting. He said while the problem hasn't been solved yet, he is confident the situation will be rectified and the estate's lights turned back on.