Outrage as dogs shot and savagely beaten in Tipperary animal cruelty case

Niamh Dillon


Niamh Dillon



Outrage as dogs shot and savagely beaten in Tipperary animal cruelty case

Pictured is Billy the dog who was found seriously wounded in Ballinure on September 11

Two cases of animal abuse in Tipperary have been widely condemned by animal rights groups and on social media following the discovery of a viciously beaten German Shepherd and a Saluki cross who was found shot in the head last month.

The first dog, a Saluki cross who has since been renamed Billy, was discovered by a group of firefighters near Ballinure on September 11. After noticing that the animal was finding it difficult to breathe, the dog was taken to a local veterinary clinic where it was discovered he had been shot between his eyes, the bullet piercing through his jaw.

Two weeks later a black German Shepherd was discovered less than four kilometres away near Laffan’s Cross with severe lacerations to the top of his head.

Upon examination it was discovered that Leo had been savagely beaten with a blunt object, causing serious injuries to his head and skull. By the time he received medical attention, these sores had become infested with maggots.

Neither dog had been micro-chipped.

Gina Hetherington of PAWS Animal Rescue told the Tipperary Star it is believed Billy was shot with a rifle or pellet gun which pierced through his face and jaw.

“There has been a terrible spate of animal cruelty in Tipperary recently. We've never seen anything like it,” she said.

In the last number of weeks, Billy has undergone two operations to close the hole in his pallet however he remains at the veterinary clinic for further treatment while Leo is being treated at PAWS. The rescue centre currently cares for over 90 dogs at their Mullinahone site which has been in operation since 2006.

While the centre does receive a small grant from the Department of Agriculture, PAWS is largely dependent on charitable donations to cover the centres annual vet bill which runs into the thousands.

In October this year, the charity received a veterinary bill of €34,000 and this is expected to rise significantly again by Christmas.

“Our next problem is raising enough money to pay our costs. In recent years a number of legacies were donated to the centre which is how we managed to pay our bills but so far this year we have only received one. We rely heavily on public donations,” added Hetherington.

To help offset costs, PAWS have recently launched a charity calendar and Christmas card pack, available now on their website, as well as registering for Facebook Fundraisers which allow the public to donate to the rescue centre online.

To get in contact with PAWS Animal Rescue call 0529153507 or check them out on Facebook at @PAWSAnimalRescueIreland. PAWS is located in Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary.

To make a donation to PAWS click here.

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