DIGITAL HUB proving to be a huge success

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

In October 2018, Sherry FitzGerald announced the launch of its unique customer communication hub,, which offers an online platform to give registered users 24hr access to their property journey and estate agents outside of normal office hours.

With over 3,000 users now registered for, 24hr access is available to the bespoke Sherry FitzGerald system so that viewings can be arranged, property enquiries can be made and offers placed at any time. The complete openness and simplicity around making and viewing existing offers will make the process a lot more time efficient and engaging for the buyer. Vendors will also benefit, as a system that is easy and convenient to use will attract more potential buyers, given the property is accessible 24hrs a day.

On, buyers have a progress tracker, a bespoke tool that guides them through their journey, ensuring that they are prepared and alerted as to what they need to do next. This helps to avoid unnecessary delays during the sale of a property.

Jonathan Gleeson, of Sherry FitzGerald Gleeson in Thurles commented, “We have always been a people business offering a personal service. is the next stage in how we are evolving our digital customer service offering, a resource which will support our customers, our team, our brand and our network. The new era for Sherry FitzGerald is the proposition which marries the best people with the best physical and digital experience enabling our customers to interact with us where and when they want, through the channel of their choice.

This new digital offering gives our buyers more convenient ways of communicating with us, whenever they wish, at a time that suits them. This is an exciting time for the Sherry Fitzgerald network as we embrace technological innovation and continually strive towards providing our clients with the very best customer experience, supported by our best people in the belief that it’s not just about property – it’s about people”.

The Vendor portal of is due to be rolled out later this year but for now, all buyers are encouraged to sign up and discover the new platform.