Dr Mary Ryan lashes Tipperary Commercial Board due to lack of female representation

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Dr Mary Ryan  host a conference on the empowerment of women

Dr Mary Ryan - critical of the Tipperary Commercial Board

There would be no GAA without women and men so there needs to be equal involvement of both sexes.

Tipperary based GP, Dr Mary Ryan has hit out at the new Tipperary Commercial Board which has been established to support the Tipperary hurling team. She writes

"The new Tipperary Commercial Board sounds wonderful and it is lovely to see Declan kelly who worked for the Nenagh Guardian and The Tipperary Star as CEO and who is now CEO of Teneo.However I am very disappointed that it is an all male board. Women are the back bone of the Tipperary GAA and I would call on them to rectify this immediately and appoint females as fifty percent of the board.
There would be no GAA without women and men so there needs to be equal involvement of both sexes.
I would also call on all women not to support any fundraising unless this is done and that the Tipperary camogie team and football team get their equal share of the fundraising.
We are all part of Tipperary and the women who are playing sport deserve to be funded and treated equally which they are not .
It is terrible that in 2019 that our TV stations only give women a look in and don’t show women’s sport.
On the six one news on Sunday we get ten mins of male sport and a snippet of the women if we are lucky.
This is dreadful as we will never improve women’s sport if we don’t market it aggressively as we do with male sport.
Women are paying the TV license and they deserve to get equal representation which they are not getting.
My main concern is that this affects the health of our female population.
Psychologists tell us that girls see themselves the same as boys until the age of seven but they then see the disparity of the better opportunities for boys in sport and society and think of themselves as lesser beings.
As a result they have low self esteem compared to their male counterparts and burn out which causes hormones imbalance and a weakened immune system which puts them at risk of infection and cancer.
I am calling on all mothers, fathers and grandparents to demand equality and we need to start with our GAA which is part of our being.
Therefore we must insure that this new commercial Tipperary fundraising board has an equal representation.
Otherwise I am calling on everyone to boycott it.
It is time for us in 2019 to treat our girls and boys equally.
Let’s start with good leadership and putting fifty percent women on the fundraising board immediately and also to make sure the funds are divided equally between our women and men.

Dr Mary Ryan
Consultant Endocrinologist and General Physician
Bon Secours Hospital Limerick and Aut Even Hospital Kilkenny
Senior Clinical Lecturer in University of Limerick Medical School
Medical Director Semple Stadium.