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Fianna Fail candidate says Tipperary needs more roads funding

William Bergin says users need to know roads are safe

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Fianna Fail candidate says Tipperary needs more roads funding

Tipperary Fianna Fail election candidate William Bergin wants more funding for roads

There needs to be greater investment in regional and local roads in Tipperary, according to Fianna Fáil local election candidate in the Roscrea / Templemore electoral area, William Bergin.

He was commenting as information received by Fianna Fáil showed that there is a 38% shortfall between the investment required to maintain roads in Tipperary and the actual amount invested.

“Over the past four years, an average of €21m was spent on the maintenance of regional and local roads in Tipperary. However, according to the Department’s own analysis of the Steady State Investment, €35m is required.

The Steady State investment deals with the level of expenditure needed to keep the transport system in an adequate condition and fit for purpose. It does not refer to funds needed to upgrade a road, rather just to maintain it.

He said that with such a shortfall it was little wonder that time and again the issue of regional and local roads had come up on the doors out canvassing.

All around Tipperary there were roads with serious structural and surface defects. This had led to safety concerns for road users and increased maintenance costs to motorists, said Mr Bergin.

“With a lack of adequate rural transport options for people, they have no other choice but to get into their cars. They need to know that they are driving on safe roads, maintained to a high standard”, he said.