Cahir Local Electoral Area

Independent Andy Moloney tops the poll in Cahir Local Electoral Area

Aileen Hahesy


Aileen Hahesy

Cahir poll topper Andy Moloney says people are struggling

Andy Moloney

Independent Andy Moloney was the first candidate elected to Tipperary Co. Council in the Cahir Electoral Area.
The Poulmucka man was elected on the first count announced around midnight after comfortably exceeding the quota of 1364. His first preference vote was: 1885.
His surplus will now be distributed.

Cahir Electoral Area: Four seats
Electorate: 11826
Total Poll: 6905
Valid Poll: 6817
Quota: 1364
Micheál Anglim (FF) 1056
Danny Carroll (SF) 124
PJ English (FF) 533
Anita Lonergan (FF) 189
Martin Lonergan (IND) 636
Mairin McGrath (IND) 1168
Andy Moloney (IND) 1885 (elected)
Marie Murphy (FG) 1226