Animals rights protest underway in Roscrea

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

Animal rights protest

Animal rights protest

An animal rights protest is currently underway at Rosderra pig slaughterhouse in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. This is the second day of a “Stop the Trucks” action. 

“Stop the trucks” is a nonviolent direct action encouraging people to be present in the face of what they claim is injustice. Activists are attempting to stop the trucks on a public road for a few minutes "to bear witness to nonhuman animals" en route to slaughter.

Rosderra Irish Meats Group is the largest pig flesh processing company in Ireland: more than 55% of national kill (31 000 pigs per week).

“There’re 30 activists standing together outside Rosderra pig slaughterhouse today. We're here to disrupt legalised violence and murder against nonhumans animals. Activists are focusing on sharing the story of these individuals and raise awareness for the violation of their rights,” said Andy Anderson of Stop the Trucks.

Commenting on the action, Dr. Roger Yates, occasional lecturer at UCD, said: “We live in a speciesist culture in which the rights of other animals are routinely violated. According to current figures from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, there are approx 183 slaughterhouses in Ireland. These actions are designed to expose such facts, and the nature of animal use in Ireland.”

“Deep down we all know that what is going on behind these walls is wrong and unjust. All forms of oppression are unacceptable and whether it takes a year or forty years, our society will have to align on this and give legal rights to nonhuman individuals. This is a movement advocating for justice and it is rapidly growing”, added activist Sam Anderson.

“Stop the trucks” say they are a nonviolent direct action group carried out by a network of animal rights activists working to challenge speciesism and end the oppression and exploitation of nonhuman animals.