South Tipperary Beekeepers are busy-bees with beginners classes

Fethard Beekeepers

South Tipperary Bee Keepers Beginner's Class in Honey Extraction, in Fethard ICA Hall are back: Erica Reeves (Secretary). Maggie Quirke, Sheena Hanrahan, Anne Horan. Front Daniel Hanrahan, Noel Ryan

In these days when we’re reminded that one third of our bee species are threatened with extinction from Ireland, it’s very welcome news to see the South Tipperary Beekeepers Association continue to organise beginner’s classes in beekeeping in our local communities.  Each year STBA organise a Beginners Course, for those wishing to get involved in beekeeping and on Wednesday, August 7, one such class, held in the ICA Hall in Fethard, demonstrated how the pure honey is extracted from the bee hives. The process was very interesting and encouraging to see the beginners wanting to get involved in beekeeping.

The format consists generally of two, one day courses taking place on the first and second weekend of April. The local committee had twenty attempting the course this year. Following the introduction nights, the members follow up with weekly visits to their apiary at Powerstown, where people have the experience of seeing a hive being opened for the first time – a daunting sight for some! Beginners also meet up and form friendships with experienced Beekeepers. As the weeks progress students learn how to handle bees with ease, and more importantly, can decide if beekeeping is a craft they wish to pursue into the future.

The propagation of bees is hugely important due to the drastically reduced amount of food (flowers) and safe nesting sites in our landscapes.  Today, the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan asks all of us, from farmers to local authorities, to schools, gardeners and businesses, to come together and try to create an Ireland where our pollinators can survive and thrive.  The South Tipperary Beekeepers Association’s demonstration in Fethard  was to explain to people how to go about extracting their first and probably most important crop of honey ever and as usual, a good night was had by all. 

For further information you can contact any member of the committee: Gerry Clancy (chairman), Erika Reeves (secretary), Anne Ryan (treasurer), or pay a visit to their very informative website www.southtipp