Snapshots - The six finalists have been chosen - vote for your favourite now

Poll closes on Saturday

Snapshots - The six finalists have been chosen - vote for your favourite now

At the opening of the Presentation Primary School in 1992. Back: Nuala Ryan, Sarah Dunne, Josephine Dunne, Kathleen O’Callaghan. Front: Claire Ryan, Michael Ryan and Lee O’Callaghan. (See story below)

So here we have it, the six photographs which you, our website readers, have chosen for the Grand Final of Snapshots.

Over the past number of weeks we have received hundreds of nostalgic snapshots from all over County Tipperary and beyond. Those which we thought were the most appealing appeared each week in our newspapers, The Nationalist and the Tipperary Star and also online on our website,

The six photographs, including the one featured above, which appear in our print editions this week have been selected by our readers in three weekly online polls on

Each of the six snapshots has that ‘something special’ about it, a moment frozen in time unique in its own way. However, there  can be only one winner  and again you, the reader,  will have the final say in our  online poll on

From today Wednesday right through until   Saturday evening you will have one last chance to select the Grand Final  winner of Snapshots. All you have to do to cast your vote for your favourit Snapshot photograph is to click on the link below which takes you to our website



Sarah Dunne submitted the lovely photograph (at top of page) to Snapshots and our readers agreed and voted it as a weekly winner in Week 2.

The photo was taken by Tom Grace on May 8, 1992, on the occasion of the opening of  the new Presentation Primary School in  Carrick- on-Suir.

Claire Ryan, the young girl at front left, was clearly very excited to have a brand new school to attend.

Sarah goes on to give the background to the photograph.

“I was only two at the time, so a few years away from being a pupil myself but my mother, Josephine Dunne, brought me down for the day. We met my aunts, Nuala Ryan (RIP) and Kathleen O’Callaghan and my cousins Michael Ryan and Lee O’Callaghan. I always tell my mother we can tell it was the early 90s by her Mary Robinson look,” said Sarah.