Shocking! '50 bags of litter from cars' found on roads into one Tipperary town

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Maria Taylor


Maria Taylor


Tipperary councillor says people should pick up their own rubbish

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In these difficult times it’s been hard to get around to some of the spring time jobs of Tidy Towns but as individuals and teams in their pairs we can get through most of it.

Last week we were able to get a couple working on the high footpath, two more on the Tipperary road flower beds, two on the fairy doors, a few individuals on the approach road flower beds and a lot of litter pickers were out and about individually on approach roads.

Between all approach roads to the town last week our members gathered 50 bags of litter which had been disposed of from cars.

Some were built up over a period of time but more was part of the monthly routine pick.

Last week we participated in National Tree week with some tree planting also and thanks to Tipperary County Council and Coillte for the initiative once again this year and we hope to see some great big oaks in the years to come.

This weekend is our Monthly Can recycling collection and we will gather your drinks cans in the car park on this Saturday morning of April 3 between 10.30am and 11am.

Thanks to ABP and Cahir River Rescue for their support in this vital fundraiser for the group.

Please remember Covid guidelines must be followed when dropping off cans.


We will hold Confessions at St Mary’s Church this Easter on Wednesday, March 31 from 11am to 12noon and on Good Friday April 2 from 4pm to 5pm.

We must be very careful to keep everyone safe at this time.