Have you any memories of late heart surgeon Maurice Neligan

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Through the pages of The Nationalist we would like to invite your readers to support a special national project to honour the memory of Mr Maurice Neligan, renowned heart surgeon who will be remembered fondly by many of your patients.

The Mater Foundation www.materfoundation.ie supported by the Neligan Family are appealing to anyone with memories or stories about Maurice to post them to the website and get involved in this worthwhile appeal.

The aim of the project is to equip a specialist hybrid theatre which will be the first of its kind in a public hospital in Ireland.

Named after Mr Maurice Neligan, a man who gave many years of his life in service to his patients in the Mater, it is hoped to have this theatre available to patients from all over Ireland as soon as possible.

This theatre will make a dramatic difference to how cardiac patients from all over Ireland are treated. The numerous benefits over open surgery include reduced patient trauma, reduced longer term costs, a smaller wound and faster recovery resulting in a shorter hospital stay and ultimately leading to a higher survival rate.

Anyone who would like to get involved in this project by sending a message or memory, by donating directly or by organising an event can get in contact either by phoning (01) 830 3482, through the website www.materfoundation.ie or by writing to The Mater Foundation, 53 -54 Eccles Street, Dublin 7.


Maurice Neligan Jnr.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mary Moorhead,

Chief Executive, Mater Foundation.