Tipp NCT centres open but still not fully operational

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Donegal customers advised to turn up for their NCT as normal

Underbody inspections cannot take place due to faulty lifts

More  information should be available on lifting equipment crux within a fortnight

National Car Test centres in Tipperary are currently operating as normal despite the coronavirus, but there is no sign of the lift saga being dealt with in the immediate future.

This means that Tipperary drivers cannot get a fully completed test certificate unless they go elsewhere outside of The Premier County to have their test completed as underbody inspections cannot be undertaken due to suspected faults in the lifting equipment. And, the trouble with finding a centre to take a vehicle for testing is that the numbers of tests being completed have slowed down significantly due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore, there are backlogs in most of the 47 centres across the country – the closest available centres to Tipperary, are Limerick and Ballinasloe, and these are being offered to customers from the county who wish to avail of a full test.

The full test service has been unavailable in Tipperary for almost two months at this stage and many locals are, technically, driving around with invalid NCT certs. Once the initial test was completed, customers had a month to get the underbody inspection undertaken. However, this has not been possible due to the problems and authorities say that leniency and understanding will be adopted by Gardai and traffic wardens – motorist are advised to keep their documentation with them at all times in the event of being stopped at a checkpoint.

The NCT says that further information on the status of the Nenagh and Cahir centres in Tipperary should be available within the next fortnight and they have reiterated that while some customers may be experiencing difficulty contacting their call centre, they are operational, but have reduced their staff numbers due to social distancing.They would ask that customers please bear with them and calls will be answered.

For customers attending the NCT Test Centres a number of points have been made in the interests of the safety and welfare of staff and customers:NCT will only be allowing a small number of customers into the waiting area at a time.
They ask that only the person presenting the vehicle for inspection attends the appointment, please refrain from bringing children to the test centre. This is to encourage social distancing.
If you are showing signs of a fever, cold or cough, NCT asks that you do not attend your NCT appointment, please contact the customer contact centre 014135992 to arrange an alternative appointment for another date and time.
Once checked in, please return to your vehicle and leave your windows slightly opened.
Please wait in your vehicle until advised it is your turn to enter the building.

NCT also ask that you please ensure your vehicle is clean, tidy and free of any unhygienic matter such as used tissues and wipes.
Ensure that the air vents in you vehicle are closed and the fans are on low settings.
NCT also ask that customers pay by card where possible to reduce the chance of cross infection by using cash.

NCT are taking these measures in line with the social distancing guidelines that have been issued by the HSE In line with Government advice, the more vulnerable in society are being asked to contact NCT on 014135992 to arrange an alternative appointment.

As the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate the NCT has put in place the appropriate precautions to ensure they minimise any impact of the virus in centres. Please do not visit any NCTS facility if you have been exposed to the virus or have knowingly been in contact with anyone showing symptoms. In this instance you should follow HSE advice on