Nissan Leaf costs falls by €1,800 for the new year

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


TEST DRIVE: Welcome to the pure electric new Nissan LEAF

Major price drop on the Nissan Leaf

€27,595 is the cost of getting your hands on the iconic all-electric vehicle

The cost of buying a 100% electric Nissan LEAF has fallen by up to €1,843 as a result of the recent Budget with Nissan also making it possible for Irish motorists to get behind the wheel of a new electric vehicle (EV) for just €27,595.

“The Budget VRT changes and recent VAT changes have had a very positive impact on the cost of buying a new Nissan LEAF and this in turn has led to a significant upsurge in interest from EV buyers online and across our dealer network,” said James McCarthy, CEO of Nissan Ireland.

“This upsurge is also being driven by our ‘Power of Zero’ initiative with AIB and Electric Ireland which offers 0% finance, the free provision and installation of a home charger and one year’s free servicing to anyone buying a new Nissan LEAF,” he added.

The recent changes to the VRT and VAT rates have led to attractive tax savings across the Nissan LEAF range. These tax savings start at €506 for the Nissan LEAF SV 40 kWh which now costs €29,384 or €440.76 per month, while the top of the range Nissan LEAF SVE 62 kWh has fallen by €1,843 to €38,657 or €579.85 per month.

In addition, the introduction of the new entry grade Nissan LEAF XE 40 kWh means that motorists can now make the switch into an electric vehicle for an affordable €27,595

The new tax savings which have cut the cost of buying a new Nissan LEAF have also led to a sizeable reduction between the cost of buying the 40 kWh LEAF which has a range of up to 270 kilometres and the 62 kWh LEAF which has a range of up to 385 kilometres zero emissions driving.

Buyers have expressed a strong interest in stepping up from the Nissan LEAF SVE 40 kWh, which has fallen by €999 to €32,801, to the longer range Nissan LEAF SV Premium 62 kWh which now costs €36,332 having benefited from a tax saving of €1,508. This trend is expected to continue.

Customers switching into the 100% electric Nissan LEAF who avail of the ‘Power of Zero’ offer which includes 0% finance, the free provision and installation of their home charger and one year’s free servicing can save more than €13,000 in finance and running costs as well as 11 tonnes of C02 emissions over five years, which is equivalent to planting 181,887 trees.

The Nissan LEAF has long been Ireland’s best-selling EV and almost 6,000 Irish EV drivers have already chosen the zero emissions vehicle as the most effective way to reduce their motoring costs and carbon footprint. It is also firmly established as Ireland’s and the world’s favourite EV with more than 100 global awards and over 500,000 sales since its launch ten years ago.

“There has never been a better time to buy a new Nissan LEAF. The tax savings that the changes to the VRT and VAT rates deliver and our ‘Power of Zero’ offer presents a golden opportunity for motorists to join the thousands of Nissan LEAF drivers who are already saving money and the environment,” said Mr. McCarthy.

“Nissan is committed to creating a sustainable Ireland. We are making EV driving affordable and are helping families to switch to 100% electric driving today, to become more sustainable and to make a very real impact in reducing Ireland’s CO2 emissions,” he added.

Motorists can visit or their local Nissan dealer to learn more about the Nissan LEAF, Nissan’s ‘Power of Zero’ offer or about making the switch to electric driving.