Tipperary voters backed Yes and No with some communities equally divided on both sides

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Tipperary voters backed Yes and No with some communities equally divided on both sides

While the majority of Tipperary voters backed the Yes side in the referendum to repeal the Eight Amendment, tally figures from individual ballot boxes show the No side won a number of local battles.

And, the figures reveal, some communities were split right down the middle when it came to voting.

The Tipperary Star has obtained the boxes for each electoral area, with the highest Yes vote in the Premier County being recorded in Booth 2 at St Mary's NS, Clogheen, where 82.4 per cent or 235 people voted in favour of change, with 17.6 per cent voting No, or 50 people.

The highest Yes vote in Thurles electoral area was in Gaelscoil Bhride Booth 1 at 77.3 per cent. In the Nenagh area the highest Yes was in Ballina NS Booth 3 at 76.6 per cent. In Cashel, the highest Yes vote was recorded in St Michael's St Girls NS Booth 6 at 73.8 per cent.

The highest No vote was in Rossmore NS in Cashel electoral district where the No side took 73.9 per cent of the vote, or 149 ballots, compared to 26.1 per cent for Yes or 53 voters.

The highest No vote in Templemore / Thurles was in Littleton NS Booth 3 at 60 per cent. In Nenagh, it was in Templederry NS Booth 1 at 55 per cent, while in Carrick-on-Suir it was in St Joseph's NS, Ballingarry, Booth 1 where 60 per cent voted No. In Clonmel, the highest No vote was in St Mary's CBS, Clonmel, Booth 3 at 66 per cent.

A number of areas were either evenly split or so close as to make no difference, with the 272voters in Shronell NS Booth 1 voting 50 per cent for and against. The same held true in Drom NS in the Templemore / Thurles are with the 288 voters being evenly split.

Others areas where the vote was close were in Convent of Mercy, Booth 1, in Nenagh at 50.5 per cent Yes and 49.5 per cent No. It was the reverse in Booth 2 in Lismackin Community Centre in Templemore / Thurles with 50.6 per cent voting No, as against 49.4 per cent for Yes. However, in Lismackin Community Centre, Booth 2, it was 50.5 per cent Yes and 49.5 per cent No.

Some of the closest results came in the Templemore / Thurles electoral area, with very little separating the voters in Clonmore, Ballycahill (New) NS, Holycross NS Booth 2, CBS Primary School Booth 1.