Call for Task Force to be established to examine rural pubs in Tipperary

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Tipperary Town Cllr Denis Leahy on Davitt Street

Tipperary Town Cllr Denis Leahy called for task force for the pub trade

Cllr Micheal Anglim says one or two drinks is no harm

Tipperary County Councillor Denis Leahy has called for a Task Force to be established to undertake a study into the pub trade in Ireleand, which he described as being on its knees.
In a lengthy debate at a meeting of Tipperary County Council, Cllr Leahy – a publican of 38 years standing - said that the trade has been assaulted by legislation in recent years with the result that the whole fabric of the public house has been compromised.
In an impassioned contribution at the meeting in Clonmel, Cllr Leahy said that tourists come to Ireland to sample and enjoy the unique pub atmosphere in Ireland – an atmosphere which is created by good food, good music and good company. However, pubs are dying now, despite the fact that alcohol consumption is on the increase, and that increase in drinking is taking place outside of a controlled environment, the Tipperary town man said. The legislation has gone from 100 milligrams down to 25 milligrams he said.
There was much backing for his call from across the chamber with Cllr Micheal Anglim stating that he could not understand why somebody having one or two drinks can be targeted and prosecuted. “ I know I'll probably be attacked for this, but I do feel that somebody having a drink or two are doing no harm. It's different if somebody is driving while off their trolley – they deserve to get the full law thrown at them, but for others who are having a drink or two, having a chat and enjoying the company, I see nothing wrong with that,” he said.
Cllr David Dunne also lamented the decline of the rural public house while Cllr Leahy called for a “common sense rule” to be drafted before calling for a Task Force to be established to examine the matter in great detail.