Tipperary's Liam O'Meara wins overall National Grand Prix League






Liam O'Meara

Liam O'Meara wins overall National Grand Prix League

39 competitors faced into the James Tarrant built track last weekend (24th September) at Maryville Stables for the final leg of the 2017 National Grand Prix. A massive 16 combinations went through to the second round, which left the competition wide open.

Seamus Hayes and Kavali Di Magico were the winners of the day with the fastest of only four double clears in a time of 41.54. Louis Delplace and Lowhill Showdown finished in second place with a time of 44.00.
Alan O’Regan tipped into third place with Francis O’Regans’ Freedam in 46.36, while Beatrice Gates- Hardiman and Erasmus VD Heffinck took fourth place with the last double clear in the time of 55.34.
The fastest time of the day was our league winner Liam O’Meara and Mr. Coolcaum, however, with one pole left on the ground, O’Meara had to settle for fifth place in the time of 39.89.
Finishing the line-up was Tholm Keane and BMH Big Time. Keanes time was quick with 43.17 but a pole on the floor left him in sixth position.

1st: Seamus Hayes, Kavali Di Magico (0/0 – 41.54)
2nd: Louis Delplace, Lowhill Showdown (0/0 -44.00)
3rd: Alan O’Regan, Freedam (0/0 – 46.36)
4th: Beatrice Gates- Hardiman, Erasmus VD Heffinck (0/0 – 55.34)
5th: Liam O’Meara, Mr. Coolcaum (0/4 – 39.89)
6th: Tholm Keane, BMH Big Time (0/4 – 43.17)

Although O’Meara was denied the win on the day, he did score 92 points on the rider leaderboard throughout the season, winning seven of the National Grand Prix’s and coming second in another two.
O’Meara left it impossible for anyone to catch him, with the closest competitor (Francis Connors) finishing the league on 46 points.
Tholm Keane consistently placed throughout the year to finish in third position overall in the league with 34 points.
The leading owner is also Liam O’Meara.

Overall League Placings:
1st: Liam O’Meara
2nd: Francis Connors
3rd: Tholm Keane
Leading Owner: Liam O’Meara