Tipperary Sports Partnership welcomes new older adult home exercise plan






Tipperary Sports Partnership welcomes new older adult home exercise plan

Tipperary Sports Partnership welcomes the release of the Older Adult Home Exercise Plan by John Treacy CE Sport Ireland

Tipperary Sports Partnership is one of 29 Local Sports Partnerships in the country who have come together to roll-out a 4-week physical activity plan for older adults as part of Positive Aging Week.

The resource has been developed by Sport Ireland and a working group of LSP Community Sport Development Officers in conjunction with Age & Opportunity. The resource will support people to try and reach the minimum of 30 minutes of daily physical activity, as recommended in Ireland’s National Physical Activity Plan. It will help an individual’s strength and confidence in their body, which will support them to be more physically active as well as developing transferable skills for everyday life.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Tipperary Sports Partnership has been working hard to ensure the people of Tipperary remain physically active.

As part of a national network of 29 Local Sports Partnerships (LSP) Tipperary Sports Partnership has adapted by using online resources, printed booklets and other innovative means, to ensure that everyone in their community has the opportunity to share in the enjoyment as well as the mental and physical health benefits of sport and physical activity.

John Treacy, Chief Executive Sport Ireland, “This International Day of Older Persons, Sport Ireland are delighted to be launching the Older Adult Home Exercise Plan with the support of the Network of Local Sports Partnerships and Age & Opportunity. By building these exercises in to your daily routine and tracking your progress over the few weeks, you will notice a huge improvement in your physical and mental well- being, and we need that more than ever right now”

Valerie Connolly, Sports Co-ordinator, Tipperary Sports Partnership said “We were delighted to be part of the development of this very useful resource to support older adults to be active. It is extremely important that as we get older we continue to be active and include exercise in our daily routine to support a better quality of life.”

This resource is fully adaptive for people of all abilities and ages. There is an activity planner included to help your track your progress throughout the 4-weeks. Simply print out the resource or display it on your phone and be active!

For more information on the resource visit www.tipperarysports.ie or contact Tipperary Sports Partnership on 076 106 6201 or email info@tipperarysports.ie