Mass times for churches in Roscrea, Bournea, Kyle and Knock





Mass times for churches in Roscrea, Bournea, Kyle and Knock

Re-Opening Churches for Public Mass/ Ceremonies Mass Times

Saint Cronan’s Church, Roscrea: Monday to Saturday inclusive 10am; Saturday 6.30pm; Sunday 11.30am

Bournea: Every second Saturday in either Couraguneen or Clonakenny 7.30pm – See dates in church porches.

Kyle and Knock: Every second Sunday in either Ballaghmore or Knock 10am – See dates in church porches.

Finally, after nearly 4 months, we are in a position to re-open our churches and gather to worship. In re-opening, it is our paramount responsibility to provide for the safety of any person who enters our churches. Bishop Fintan has issued guidelines in accordance with the HSE guidelines.

Each church will open 15 minutes before Mass begins. Maximum capacity for each church is 50 people. Social distancing of 2m must be observed at all times. Hand sanitisers are available at entrances to churches – please use before entering. It is recommended that people attending wear masks. There will be one entry point and a different exit door – stewards will guide people.

If you feel unwell or are showing symptoms that might suggest Covid-19 infection or if you have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, please do not attend. In order to facilitate these guidelines and fulfil our obligation to the safety of the community, people have volunteered by acting as ushers and sanitising the church after each gathering. We ask people to enter by the Main Entrance to each church only – an usher will lead you to a seat. Please follow their direction as you may not be able to sit in your “usual spot!”

To receive Holy Communion, people will come up to the priest, bench by bench, and return by the side aisles to the same seat (if church has side aisles). When Mass has ended, people are asked to exit by the other doors in the church (if church has other doors)

Social distancing is essential when coming up for Holy Communion and exiting the church. Baskets for collections are prohibited – boxes will be left out for people who wish to contribute. We ask people to be patient and conscious of other people around them. The Sunday obligation is suspended presently.

Due to the fact that only 50 people are allowed in the church, we ask people to give as many people as possible an opportunity to gather in the church for Mass.

Perhaps people might listen via parish radio or watch on the webcam at home on some days to allow others a chance to attend. The most difficult part of re-opening is the limitation of 50 people, which must be adhered to.

This could lead to the unfortunate position of people being told at the door “the church has reached its capacity under the HSE Guidelines.” This is an extremely difficult position to be in but safety guidelines have to be followed. We ask all of us to be understanding of this.

Outside speakers are in place in some of the churches presently and in the near future, they will be fitted in the churches that don’t already have them.

After Mass, the priest will go out into the car park to distribute Communion to those people.

A warm word of thank you to all who have helped, volunteered, to our Pastoral Councils, Parish Office, Sacristans and anybody who has helped in any way to enable us re-open.