Smith's ambitious plan for Dean Maxwell Home





Cllr Michael Smith

Cllr Michael Smith

Cathoirleach of Tipperary County Council Cllr. Michael Smith has submitted a very ambitious plan for the Dean Maxwell Community Nursing Home in Roscrea.

This would incorporate a partnership approach between the HSE, Local Authority and the Parish Council, with extensive plans to develop on the current site.

There are significant opportunities to regenerate and redevelop the existing facility and provide essential health services for Roscrea and it’s hinterlands.

A detailed submission has been prepared and presented to government under The Review and Renew Document recently advertised by the Department.

Cllr. Smith stated: “There is huge potential for the existing site. By engaging in a collaborative approach, with the support of Tipperary County Council, representatives of St. Cronan’s Parish Council, the site of the Dean Maxwell could be modified to accommodate new and improved, multidisciplinary facilities in line with HSE standards and requirements.

“The existing Dean Maxwell building can be modified and the potential for use of the Parochial House to accommodate additional, related services, with adaptation, could be provided.

“The Parochial Hall also has the potential to accommodate ancillary services. The accumulation of additional land and buildings provides a unique opportunity to meet and enhance the needs and demands of the local community, within their community, and on a collaborative basis providing co-located services – day care facilities, mental health services and advice on healthy eating, home support services, end of life services”

President of the Chamber of Commerce, Seamus Browne acknowledged the work gone into this exciting idea and its potential for Roscrea. While it is recognised that the existing Dean Maxwell facility does not meet current HSE requirements, there is considerable opportunities with the adjacent lands.