St. Joseph's students 'go green' for environment friendly expo





Helping to reduce their carbon footprint

St Joseph’s Borrisoleigh students Adam Galvin and Josh Younge at the Green schools Expo in the RDS

The Green Schools committee from St. Joseph’s College, Borrisoleigh attended the green schools Expo in the RDS in Dublin on February 22nd hoping to get ideas on how to make the school more environmentally friendly.

There were many informative stands on display as well as optional talks from various environmentalists . Plastic waste was highlighted and our over dependence on plastic and how to dispose of it in a careful manner was one of the main concerns.  In Ireland we throw away 100 million standard disposable coffee cups each year, a fact which the students feel we can definitely do something about if we think before we act. There are compostable versions of coffee cups available so it’s just a matter of making them easier to access.

Pic: St Joseph's College Borrisoleigh green committee at the RDS

The students were intrigued by the ‘Virtue brush’ which  is an environmentally friendly toothbrush with a 100% Bamboo handle and charcoal infused bristles.

Climate change was the main theme of the expo with Dr Michael O Mahony telling us that we have only 20 years to get our countries working together to try and slow down our temperature changes and all the effects it is having on our world. There were lots of interesting projects from schools around the country and many organisations trying to get us to become more aware and careful about how we take care of our environment.