Michaela Grace–Ginty: A day in a life of a teenager during the Covid-19 pandemic

Michaela Grace – Ginty


Michaela Grace – Ginty


Michaela Grace–Ginty: A day in a life of a teenager during the Covid-19 pandemic

This is the second week I've authored this article, and already it seems more normal than most new aspects of my life.

Life is so strange now; we seem to have all the time in the world and yet, why am I finding it hard to do anything? Why is this new normal so abnormal?

I feel for the Leaving Certificate students. One of my best friends, who is meant to be doing the exams said she felt sick when she heard the news. Last week I was a little bit jealous of the cancellation of the orals, but now... and some people were delighted. But no contingency plan was ever going to suit everyone.

And yet again my life seems so simple again now. I have started reading again and my room has never been so organized. Mum seems to think that all this time off means our sole existence is to help keep the garden. Although I never realized how lucky I am to have a garden.

I've gotten closer with my sister than I ever have been. This must be what my Mum always talked about, us being best friends in the future.

And mum is completely obsessed with the numbers when they come out around six, along with probably half the country. Wherever I am in the house she will call me just to tell me, then ring her sisters to analyse the figures.

But really, I think we all have to realize how lucky we are. The life I am living is a privilege.

Our home, community and country could be so much worse.

At this sobering time in history, we all have to count our blessings because after this is over, we are all going to be a more cautious society. Less touchy-feely. More isolated, even after social isolation. But everything will eventually return to normal.

When will this end? Who knows? Maybe I'll get a tan in the garden with all my free time, (but most likely a burn).

But if there is one thing, I know for sure is that; after all this is over, everyone will need support from our communities, our families and each other... and probably a haircut!