“This is a time for society to focus on what is important,” writes Ursuline student Kaci Kerwick

Kaci Kerwick


Kaci Kerwick


My Student Diary: Kaci Kerwick describes life as a student in Tipperary during Covid-19

What would have been our Easter holidays from school is now over and so it's straight back into the books for all of us.

The past two weeks have left a lot of room for Netflix binge watching while of course eating every Easter egg in the house.

The gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately makes it so much easier to get out for a walk or run (within 2 km of course) and in times like this I'm grateful to be working part-time in Ely’s Centra (had to mention them before they fire me) it’s nice to have a break from being stuck at home to come in and talk to customers and work friends.

Life as we know it has changed and we may feel as though we are stuck in a never-ending cycle of uncertainty.

However, the only way of getting through this is to think of the positives. This horrific virus will go down in history as the time the world stopped; the time the world stopped fighting and started living, living for what it truly means to live.

Enjoying the little things from a family dinner with all family members present to the luxury of a lie in.

To look after each other, to care for your health, to care for your neighbours and to be more considerate of our elderly and the most vulnerable in our communities.

This is a time for society to focus on what is important. Life is for living and if there is any good at all to come from this let it be for people's outlook to change

The virus has also very much highlighted the fact that every job is important.

How in a time of crisis it was the supermarket staff, the cleaners and food suppliers that stepped up; the people who are too often taken for granted.

Maybe this pandemic will teach people not to judge and hopefully give us a lasting appreciation of all essential workers.

Let's hope that from all this craziness we gain more than we lose.