“We need to stay vigilant,” says Tipperary student Michaela Grace-Ginty

Michaela Grace-Ginty


Michaela Grace-Ginty


My Student Diary: Tipperary student Michaela Grace – Ginty on Covid-19

Michaela Grace – Ginty

Okay, so we are all becoming more adjusted to this new ‘normal’, but we must not become complacent. That is when one death turns into five, and five infections turns into fifty.

We’re all in this for the long run. For each other. It is fair to say my life has not really changed at all since last week. Just more of the same routine. What I wouldn’t do to go back to school this week. See my friends, even do some work.

It’s crazy to think there’s other things on the news. Flour. A 300 percent increase in the demand for flour in some supermarkets nationwide. I’m just waiting for the news to announce that someone is to be crowned star baker.

I'm not saying I'm not enjoying my mum’s homemade brown bread and scones (which she just guesses the proportions of ingredients of which she needs by the way). But I'm not saying I'm enjoying them either.

I keep on going to the fridge all throughout the day, even though I might not be hungry. I could have finished my dinner 10 minutes beforehand and you would find me analysing the fridge afterwards.

As for me I've been working on the school yearbook most of the week. and by that, I mean planning on doing it, procrastinating about it, planning, and then forgetting all about it until the last minute and a bit after that. (Sorry Ms. Keating).

Have I been doing much study during Easter? I’ve turned on the French subtitles on Netflix, does that count?

1 in 10 people positive for Covid-19 are nurses. I’m not going to say that fact didn’t really scare me. Dad is putting in extra hours at work.

They are trying to reduce staff crossover from other units. So full time staff are the only ones working in dad’s unit at the moment, to decrease the risk of cross infection. It’s a small thing, but it could save a life.

You see the figures every day. But they are exactly that. Numbers. You don’t really comprehend that every figure is a person with a life and a family and a story.

Every person has experienced love, hate, happiness, joy, sadness, anger, surprise, and fear. Every 1 was one person's 1 in a million.

So, we need to stay vigilant.

Maybe it means you can’t see your friends this week, but eventually someone may be able to see their grandad or their aunt or their mother in a year to come, when they mightn't have before.

Because you self-isolated.

Because you stayed at home.

Because you saw the bigger picture.

Because you cared.