Tipperary student Michaela Grace-Ginty on life during the Covid-19 pandemic

Michaela Grace – Ginty


Michaela Grace – Ginty


My Student Diary: Tipperary student Michaela Grace – Ginty on Covid-19

Michaela Grace – Ginty

I used to tell myself I wouldn’t get stuff done, just because I was rushing, that I had no time. Turns out time was not the problem. I was. Apparently my one true love is procrastination. I tell myself I'm going to do stuff, then I just don't.

Pascal O'Donohue told us on the news last week we were in a recession. He said it so calmly, it was stressful. This doesn't feel like a recession, not that I really know. I haven't really been outside the door much. And I was five during the last one so...

From my brief study of economics, this is a different kind of recession. The last one was based on housing and over lending, this is a global pandemic. Some economists would suggest we will be out of this as soon as we got into it. Here's hoping!

It's getting too normal. When me and my family were on a walk and we saw some people we knew and for about a minute I stood probably three meters away instead of six. I forgot. Then it all came rushing back.

On another note, our garden has never looked so botanical. Mum says we will be out there all summer so it may as well look good. At least I will not be lacking in vitamin D.

I tried baking this week, goodness help my family eating it. You never know, I could discover a hidden ardor for the culinary sciences. I felt proud of myself for recognising that there was in fact a difference between baking soda and baking powder. I could just feel all the Junior Cert home economics knowledge flowing back into my brain.

Though this week, waking up for 9am online class on Monday was difficult. It's all about summer tests, which seems odd at a time like this. It's strange, I haven't had a real exam since my Junior Certificate. And I won’t have one before my Leaving Certificate mocks.

And the Leaving Cert is still going ahead. Mental! The only country in the European Union where state examinations haven’t been cancelled. I am telling you, every 6th year student in Ireland knows the name Joe McHugh, and not for a good reason!

On our way to our daily walk earlier in the week, we saw an ambulance stopping off at a nursing home. The paramedics were wearing what looked like hazmat suits, that was scary. But I guess it would be necessary. They don't know the environment they're going into. I can't imagine what people in nursing homes and their loved ones are going through at the moment. My heart reaches out to them and their families.

My uncle's mother sadly died last week. She was a beautiful lady, and it would have been befitting of her to have a larger gathering at her funeral to celebrate her life. So many people are not able to say goodbye, in our unique Irish way.