'Cut toxic influencers from social media feeds' writes Kaci Kerwick

Kaci Kerwick


Kaci Kerwick


My Student Diary: Kaci Kerwick describes life as a student in Tipperary during Covid-19

My Student Diary: Kaci Kerwick describes life as a student in Tipperary during Covid-19

This week, just like the others, online classes resumed and my days were filled with lengthy emails from my teachers.

I have to say I kept up with them fairly well which I’m quite proud of!

I also advanced in my culinary skills. I tried making a few savoury dishes this time and actually succeeded in making two lovely meals; Nasi Goreng and Thai beef stir fry. They were actually gorgeous if I do say so myself!

May 5 marked the extension of the 2km radius to 5km. Not only that but those who have been cocooning were allowed to leave their house for the first time. Something as small as this can make a big difference for those who have been stuck inside for so long.

On May 18 small groups can meet up outside by practicing social distancing.

I have been hearing of some people saying 'I can't wait to have a big sleepover with my friends on the 18’ or ‘I’m having a barbeque on the 18.’

I think it is very important that people understand the easing off of restrictions is not an excuse for these things. Please adhere to the guidelines regarding the easing of restrictions.

This week, well known and loved pop singer Adele stunned the world with a picture of her dramatic weight loss on Instagram.

All I have been seeing all week is people commenting on how amazing she looks. And yes she does look amazing, but she looked amazing before too.

We have become so fixated on our weight that we have actually let it influence the way we think of ourselves.

But your weight does not define your beauty. So many young girls today suffer with eating disorders, the statistics are scary.

One of the biggest contributors to this is Instagram and social media in general. I cannot stress how toxic some of these influencers are to even follow on Instagram.

I think especially in a time like this where we are stuck at home with nothing to do but scroll through Instagram, it is so important to cut these toxic influencers out.

Do you really need to follow celebrities who, let's be real, are completely fake and we all know it?

I highly recommend following Roz Purcell. She is so honest with her followers and posts the bad pictures as well as the good ones. She is human!

So please, we must all be so careful with who we follow because this is such a dangerous time to be left alone with our thoughts and remember; your weight doesn't define your beauty.