Biodiversity Flag takes pride of place in Boherlahan NS





Biodiversity Flag takes pride of place in Boherlahan NS

Scoil San Isadóir, Boherlahan are delighted to celebrate the arrival of their Biodiversity Flag, their fifth Green Flag to be awarded to the school in recent years.

Two years of hard work and determination went into securing this flag with the school creating a garden with wild flowers, planted a variety of vegetables and trees.

They created a bug hotel, put up bird feeders all over the school and created a booklet on the results of their bird observation.

The school also conducted a specific project on bees, which involved a class visit by Elaine O'Dwyer, parent and on a previous occasion a visit from a bee keeper.

Coincidentally during this very time two bee hives had to be removed from a tree truck opposite the school!

Thanks to everyone

The school wish to thank everyone involved in the committee during the projects. The slogan chosen for 2018/2019 was Life is Nature and Nature is Life while the slogan for year two, 2019 - 2020, was Biodiversity is key for Nature, You and Me.

A special thank you to Paddy Cullen from the village who helped greatly when the school garden had to be relocated due to the development of the all weather pitch.

This is the schools fifth Green Flag having previously secured flags for recycling, energy saving, reducing water usage and travel. Congratulations and a big thank you to all involved.