Lads mags to music: Tipperary model on Conor McGregor, American DJ dreams and becoming an Instagram sensation

DJ Tess O'Reilly has played gigs in Ibiza, Dubai, London, Thailand, Miami and at Burning Man

Dylan White


Dylan White


Lads mags to music: Tipperary model on Conor McGregor, American DJ dreams and becoming an Instagram sensation

Carrick-on-Suir’s Tess O’Reilly is determined to become a top DJ in America.

A Tipperary model turned DJ who recently released a track dedicated to ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor is dreaming of establishing herself on the American music scene.

Carrick-on-Suir’s Tess O’Reilly, who lives in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles,  has “always been obsessed with music”, and is determined to become a household name on the decks at clubs in Las Vegas and across the United States.

“I had decks for 12 years but I only played in my room because I’m a perfectionist and was too nervous to play in front of people,” Tess tells The Nationalist.

“All my family are big into music so it was always going to happen - I just needed a push to get over the first gig," Tess continues. 

Tess has played gigs at Ocean Beach Ibiza, Dubai, London, Thailand, Club Space Miami and most recently at Burning Man. “Pool parties are so much fun to do,” she smiles.

Tess O’Reilly has “always been obsessed with music”.

She recently combined her love for being Irish with music and made a track called 'Make That Real Money ft Conor McGregor/50 Cent’.

“I have a lot of mutual friends with Conor, but the track was simply because I'm Irish and I like to show support for one of my own. I love his banter, and it's just a fun track that makes people laugh and dance I hope,” Tess laughs.

Born in Chicago, Tess moved to Ireland when she was two years old and grew up in Carrick-on-Suir where her family currently resides. But she admits it was always her passion to travel and settle abroad.

“I wanted to travel from as young as I can remember and could never see myself staying in Carrick-on-Suir. I love being Irish but I like being Irish in other countries more,” she highlights.

Tess dreamed of becoming a model from a young age, but says her first photo shoot came about by complete accident when she was 18 years old.

“I wanted to model since I was a kid even though I was a total tomboy.  I never had encouragement to pursue my passion, but I always just thought why not -  I like a challenge.

“It happened by accident when I went to visit a friend in Waterford - she was with a photographer and he asked would I be interested in shooting,” she recalls.

Tess boasts a strong social media following with over 50k Instagram and 60k Twitter followers. She now believes lads mags are “a dying concept”, suggesting that Instagram modelling is the way to go for girls considering the profession.

“It was a lot better paid when I started and it was just bikini modelling.

“My advice to girls is to treat it as a business. It’s all about promoting yourself correctly and staying current,” she highlights.

Tess O’Reilly has over 50k Instagram and 60k Twitter followers.

Tess also encourages aspiring models to be strong and to not let the critics dishearten them.

“The highs are definitely when you get front covers - I used to get a real kick out of it.  The lows are being shot down or photographers scrutinising you or your image, but I never let it bother me because I knew I could do it. Dust yourself off and move on to the next job,” she adds.