Clonmel students from across the world to write for South Tipp Today

Limerick Institute of Technology Clonmel students join forces with Tipperary newspaper


Clonmel students from across the world to write for South Tipp Today

Some of the first year BSc Creative Multimedia students at Limerick Institute of Technology Clonmel who are involved in South Tipp Today's Student Hub.

South Tipp Today and Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) Clonmel are collaborating for the second year in a row to give Tipperary first year students from across the world a chance to express themselves in print.

The initiative will see a “brilliant variety of topics” by BSc Creative Multimedia, BSc Digital Animation Production and BSc Game Art Design students printed in the ‘Student Hub’ section of free fortnightly newspaper South Tipp Today in the run up to Christmas.

Some of the students involved in the Student Hub have moved to Clonmel to study a degree programme at Limerick Institute of Technology from counties including Laois, Kildare, Wicklow, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Carlow, Wexford and Louth. Others taking part in the future focused Student Hub come from the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Poland and China.

52 students have penned articles that count for 20 per cent of their Interpersonal Development module mark. The best articles will feature in South Tipp Today. 

Some of the BSc Digital Animation Production students involved in South Tipp Today's Student Hub. 

“The challenge for them was to pick a topic they are really interested in, research it and write a piece that is clear, well structured, interesting and will keep the attention of the reader,” explains LIT Clonmel lecturer Marie Walsh.

“Some focus on going to college, leaving home or in some cases not leaving home and all that entails. Others focus on finding accommodation, figuring out how to cook for the first time and dealing with finances.  Others look at different dimensions of mental health including social anxiety, depression and suicide. There are a number of pieces on topics concerned with human behaviour – everything from how to have a conversation, make friends and the importance of eye contact.  Essentially students were asked to write about something that is important to them in their life,” Marie details.

Marie says “young people need to and deserve to have a voice”. She continues: “South Tipp Today provides that platform.  I also want students to have an informed opinion - to not be afraid to make their opinions known but also to do some research to further develop their ideas.

“Ideally I want students to start thinking critically.  For me, this means that they are clear about what they think, what their opinions are and that they ask themselves some important questions -  ‘why do I think this way?’, ‘what do others think?’.

“A crucial part of education is understanding yourself and is not so much about finding answers but more about learning to ask questions,” Marie adds.

South Tipp Today’s Dylan White says the Student Hub has raised the profile of the free fortnightly newspaper.

“The response to the Student Hub has been encouraging. Primary and secondary schools across the county in particular really taken note, and there has been an increase in schools coverage in South Tipp Today and on The Nationalist website,” Dylan White highlights.

“From match reports to award ceremonies, South Tipp Today is continuously working to showcase the best our local Tipperary towns and villages have to offer. The feedback on the ground across the board has been fantastic, and it is particularly worth noting the amount of people under the age of 35 who now look forward to reading South Tipp Today every two weeks and who follow The Nationalist online and on social media,” he continues.

Dylan White believes the Student Hub is a game changer for Tipperary students considering a career in media.

“Getting involved in South Tipp Today's Student Hub is a great way to kick start a career in media. The talented young writers on our doorstep deserve a platform to showcase what they can do. Others may have never considered a career in media, but getting the chance to see their work in South Tipp Today as part of their college continuous assessment could open up career avenues for them in the future.

“The LIT group involved in the Student Hub are driven to reach their full potential. South Tipp Today is proud to be providing the platform for this innovative project, and I encourage schools across Tipperary to really put their best foot forward and get involved by contacting,” he adds.