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How the Clonmel AC athletes fared in this year's Dublin City Marathon

David Mansfield crowned European Police Champion

How the Clonmel AC athletes fared in this year's Dublin City Marathon

The Clonmel athletes who completed the gruelling Dublin City Marathon were in great form for this photo taken on the Monday night after the event. Well done to one and all.

The Dublin City marathon took place last Sunday last where conditions were ideal for the 26 miles and 385 yards event.

Clonmel AC was very well represented with 61 members taking part.

 And there were superb performances from all our runners in the national championship.

The majority of these members joined the club as regular fun runners and through sheer hard work and consistent training they have become extraordinary athletes. 

Some of them were tackling this distance for the very first time while many club members were very familiar with the Dublin October weather, they have all got to be commended on such great achievements.

 David Mansfield ran a brilliant race. He went off at a strong pace that soon saw him in a large chasing group that included Eoin O'Callaghan and Tom Fitzpatrick. This group were clipping along at a very good tempo reaching 10k in 33 mins 37 secs and still 20 miles to go. 

They kept this strong pace going, reaching halfway in 70 mins 35 secs. Then as they approached the 20-mile mark David increased the pace and soon drew clear of this chasing pack as he was full of running and he knew that the leading athlete in the European Police Marathon Championship was up the road ahead of him and he began to reel him in.

 They say that experience is a hard thing to quantify but David’s experience of the Dublin City marathon route stood to him last Sunday as he reeled in the favourite for the  Police  Championships just after 21 miles and from there to the finish line David kept the momentum going to come home a very worthy European Police Marathon Champion in a new personal best of 2 hours 20 mins 15 secs, a fantastic performance when one considers that he knocked 6 mins 28 secs off his previous best in last year’s race and a big improvement on his Rotterdam performance earlier this year of 2 hours 24 mins 57 secs. 

Looking at David’s split times, he ran the second half faster than the first half when clocking 69 mins 40 secs for the 2nd half. 

 Jimmy Boland also produced  a brilliant performance when finishing 91st in 2 hours 38 mins 27 secs, having reached halfway in 77:41. 

 David Ryan, a seasoned campaigner over this route, put in a brilliant performance when finishing 149th in 2 hours 43 mins 43 secs.

These three athletes combined very well to win the Inter Club All Ireland Marathon Bronze medals,  . 

We also had very good performances from athletes like Nigel O'Flaherty 291st in 2:51:41, Billy Moloney 507th in 2:57:25, Shane Greene 864th in 3:5:26, Conor Fleming 903rd in 3:6:26, Bernard Durand 1208th in 3:12:29, Cornelius McFadden 1382th in 3:15:11, 

Eddy O'Donoghue 1654th in 3:19:12, Peter Kiely 1742nd in 3:19:29, Noel Gillman 1816th in 3:20:24, Tom Bourke 2004th in 3:22:55, Alan Carter 2219th in 3:25:41, Anne Marie Halpin 2377th in 3:27:4, Barry Horgan 2410th in 3:27:21, John Griffin 2912th in 3:31:42, 

Richard O'Gorman 2967th in 3:32:18, Noel Ryan 3141st in 3:34:14, Sheila Perry 3236th in 3:35:12, Bernard Feery 3258th in 3:35:23, Vincent McHugh 3280th in 3:35:37, Michael Doocey 3446th in 3:37:13, 

Nicola Maunsell 3487th in 3:37:34, Anna Byrne 3492nd in 3:37:39, Rebecca Doocey 3872th in 3:40:43, Pat Walsh 3933rd in 3:41:16, Anthony Power was 4042nd in 3:42:7, Mark Corcoran 4246th in 3:43:48, 

Sean O'Dea 4911th in 3:48:58, Michael Ryan 5130th in 3:50:13, Caroline O'Donoghue 5464th in 3:52:28, Tom Butler 5488th in 3:52:37, Niall O'Shea 5598th in 3:53:21, Kenny Brett was 5707th in 3:53:59, Michael O'Donnell 5785th in 3:54:31, John Laste 6276th in 3:57:04, Miriam O'Gorman 6383rd in 3:57:33, Brendan Coffey 6391st in 3:57:34, Alan O'Shea 6947th in 4:0:10, Grzegorz Kecik 7098th in 4:01:25, Neil Proven 8302nd in 4:11:2, Donal Ryan 9540th in 4:19:59, Brian Tyrrell 9599th in 4:20:26, Keith Robinson 9666th in 4:21:01,

 Mellissa McCarthy was 9958th in 4:23:12, Sarah Barry 9969th in 4:23:17, Ciara Meehan 9972nd in 4:23:17, Helen O Ceallaigh 10381st in 4:26:31, Cathy Mansfield 10444th in 4:27:03, Aine Butler 10824th in 4:29:47, 

Graham O'Regan 11058th in 4:31:54, Orla Durand 11164th in 4:32:51, Ian Patterson11324th in 4:34:36, Jacqui Walsh 11735th in 4:34:24, Catherine Murphy 11981st in 4:40:54, Paula Dwan 11993rd in 4:41:07, Aifric Byrne 12345th in 4:45:07, Shane Meade 13149th in 4:55:06, Tara Guthrie on her Club debut ran very well when finishing 14867th in 5:29:43 and Roberta Ryan 14868th in 5:29:43.