Templemore native Francis O'Toole pens second book

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Francis O'Toole

Francis' book is available in Bookworm or on Amazon

“We all have a rich pool of strength deep within us; we just need to tap into this amazing resource" - Francis O'Toole

Templemore native Francis O'Toole has just penned his second book on mindfulness which is now available in Bookworm, Thurles and on line at
Entitled Mindfulness Unlocked, Francis explored 96 different themes in the book which is a beautifully crafted tour-de-force, which might just change your life.

Teacher, guidance counsellor, career coach and psychotherapist now based in Slane, Francis works with adults and young people and following the success of his first book ‘Walking On Air — How to face challenges with resilience and adversity with strength’, he embarked on a journey of mindfulness.

A former priest, Francis incorporated mindfulness into his personal and working life. He did this through practice, teaching, research and wellbeing. He invites his counselling clients to embrace mindfulness as a way of life.
During his studies in the early eighties in Philosophy and Theology, he was introduced to the concept of meditation and self awareness. He completed a course on Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction with Dave Potter (USA) as his mentor.
He has facilitated mindfulness training with a variety of groups, including doctors, CEOs of large companies, psychotherapists, international sports stars, teachers, parents, college and secondary school students.

It is a common belief that 70% of people will create a dependency on medically-prescribed drugs, whereas 70% of people who embark on counselling or mindfulness for anxiety will recover and learn to deal with their issues.
One of the most astonishing facts Francis discovered when researching mindfulness meditation is that scientists can now prove it has a profoundly positive effect on the brain.

Mark Williams in his book Mindfulness tells us, “Recent scientific advances allow us to see the parts of the brain associated with such positive emotions as happiness, empathy and compassion. They become stronger and more active as people meditate.”
Francis told The Tipperary Star: “I often say to students in school, 'Life is simple, don’t complicate it.' After working in the caring profession since 1988 — as a psychotherapist, teacher, career coach and now working with mindfulness — I believe stress and anxiety can be dealt with without medication.
“I believe mindfulness is a viable answer for all of us working in busy environments and responding to the daily pressures of modern day life.

“This book will help the busy person under pressure who wants to manage time better and deal with stress. I believe that mindfulness can help to address some of the more common problems that our busy lives lead to. Over the years as a therapist, clients have shared with me issues ranging from stress, tiredness, burnout, physical aches, pains, anxiety and depression. I believe these types of problems are common to most people, especially those who live busy lives,” he says.
This book, Francis says, will introduce you to the life-changing practice of mindfulness, helping you to destress, find your own unique space of calm and ready yourself for whatever challenges (good or bad) your busy life will bring you.
“We all have a rich pool of strength deep within us; we just need to tap into this amazing resource.
Through mindfulness, you will become more efficient and effective and make the most out of the time given to you in your situation. I have learnt through mindfulness the ability to manage my stress at home and in the working environment with ease and efficiency,” he says.

Francis' book is an original and creative work full of stories of the Oracle Rhema who shares her insights and experiences gained from practicising mindfulness. The Oracle Rhema is a fictional character who reminds the reader of the long standing culture and tradition of story telling.
“We all need to believe that everyone possesses insights and wisdom like Oracle Rhema that can be unlocked to help us lead a mindful life where we can grown and flourish,” the book says.
Copies of Francis' book are now available in Bookworm, Liberty Square, Thurles.