Tipperary mum determined to raise awareness on women's health issues






Tracy Hayde

Tracy Hayde

A Thurles mother, who has suffered from extreme pelvic pain since 2014 and Endometriosis since her teens, says she is determined to raise awareness of women’s health issues and ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Thirty-two year old Tracy Hayde, from St. Ita's Terrace, Thurles spent years suffering from the debilitating condition Endometriosis and later extreme pelvic pain following the birth of her daughter in 2014.

However the mum of one says she has had to fight to have her illnesses recognised by medical professionals and says she is determined to help create awareness around these conditions including sharing her story on RTE’s ‘You Should Really See A Doctor.’

“I was put forward to appear on the show because they wanted to highlight women’s health issues. There are probably thousands of mothers out there with this issue [pelvic pain] and they aren’t getting taken seriously.”

As part of her appearance on the RTE programme, Tracy was prescribed to seek 'dry needling' treatment which she describes as a “miracle cure” and says that within 20 minutes of her first treatment she could feel an improvement in her pain levels.

“I was told so many times over the years that the pain was in my head. Doctors wouldn’t diagnose Endometriosis despite having all the symptoms. I was so fed up of being in pain but I made sure to follow up every appointment and visit tenfold to make sure every avenue was explored,” she says.

Although Tracy finally received her Endometriosis diagnosis in 2015, she says it took years of referrals, hospital visits and consultations with specialists as she battled against the illness which causes endometrial tissue to grow outside the uterus causing extreme pain, especially during menstruation.

However last September Tracy was finally called for an operation to treat the debilitating condition and says her standard of living has been transformed.

“I hardly know myself now. I have so much energy and my pain is nothing compared to before. I've lost one and a half stone in weight because I can move around now whereas some mornings it would have been excruciating to even get out of bed. I've even taken up a sport which was impossible to do before.”

“Anyone with Endometriosis needs to know that they are not alone but they have to keep pushing to get that consultation or appointment with a specialist. I've had to push for years, and it is tough, but now my life is completely changed,” she says.