Planning granted for solar farm near Tipp Town

Solar Farm Donohill

Planning permission has been granted for a solar farm near Tipperary town.

The solar farm is to be located at Cauteen, Donohill, about  8km north of Tipperary town.

The application was made by Power Capital Renewable Energy Ltd on May 2 last.

Nine submissions from members of the public were received including a number of objections to the development.

Details: 10 year permission for the construction of a solar PV farm with an export capacity of 8MW comprising appox 40,000 no. photovoltaic panels on ground mounted galvanised steel frames within a site of 15.04ha and all associated development including; 8 no transformer stations, 8 no auxiliary transformer stations, 8 no inverters, 2 no. substations, 2 no. single storey buildings, 2 no. single storey communications buildings, 2 no. single storey client buildings, 4 no. CCTV cameras mounted on 4m high poles, site access road with access gates and internal access tracks and perimeter security fence (2m high).

Tipperary County Council's planning permission is conditional.