Tipperary Pilgrim Path - St Declan's Way Reopens

Tipperary Pilgrim Path - St Declan's Way Reopens

2018 marks the momentus re-opening of the 104km long St. Declan's Way Pilgrim Path from Cashel to Ardmore.

To mark the occasion, and in association with Pilgrim Paths Week 2018, Knockmealdown Active is organising a five stage guided walk of the entire route.

The quintet of walks starts on Saturday, March 31. The walk will not be over consecutive days but in 5 Stages on the last Saturday of March, April, May, June and July.

Bus pickup from the destination will be at 10.30am unless otherwise stated.

Stages are approximately 20km each and run on the last Saturday of the month as follows:

First Stage: March 31st – Cashel to Cahir (park in Cahir, bus to Cashel, walk to Cahir)

Second Stage: April 28th – Cahir to Goatenbridge (park in Goatenbridge, bus to Cahir, walk to Goatenbridge)

Third Stage: May 26th – Goatenbridge to Lismore (park in Lismore, bus to Goatenbridge, walk to Lismore)

Fourth Stage: June 30th – Lismore to Aglish (park in Aglish, bus to Lismore, walk to Aglish)

Fifth Stage: July 28th – Aglish to Ardmore (park in Ardmore, bus to Aglish, walk to Ardmore)

 If you book all five stages you will receive a free Pilgrim Passport and St. Declan’s Way badge.

There will be bus pick up at the designated car parking area for the walk's destination on each stage (Cahir, March 31st; Goatenbridge, April 28th; Lismore, May 26th; Aglish, June 30th and Ardmore, July 28th.)

Cost: The event costs €25 for a single stage or €20 per stage if you participate in more than one stage. 

Payment covers buses to take walkers from their cars to the walk start, team leaders and medics on hand during the event. It also includes food at the end of each stage. Walkers should make sure to bring snacks and drinks for the duration of the walk.

Participants must: Be over 16 years of age; Be in a fit physical condition; Have reasonable walking experience; Have wind and waterproof clothing and wear suitable footwear; Bring a fully charged mobile phone; Sign in at the start and finish check points on the day; Pay the entry fee in advance (booking is online only).