A Day in the Life of Tipperary - within 2km of home

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


A day in the life

Perhaps a photo like this one of Littleton taken by local man Christy Bracken could be captured by you

Get your camera out this Bank Holiday weekend and help to record history in the making.

Yes, life in lockdown is necessary. It is also historic.

Tipperary County Council Library Service wants to record it using the old saying ‘A picture paints a thousand words’.
Through Tipperary Studies, its designated history department, the library service invites you to get involved in its photographic project ‘A Day in the Life: Tipperary 2020 within 2km’.

The May Bank Holiday weekend is approaching - a weekend which traditionally sees Tipperary roads, streets, hotels, parks, playgrounds, sports grounds and more all teeming with life...people out and about enjoying themselves. What a contrast this year!

Tipperary Studies invites you to go out with your camera over the May weekend - within 2km of course. Take a picture of your area in all its stillness. Submit it to Tipperary Studies with your details, saying where and when the picture was taken.
Why? Tipperary Studies will add it to both its photographic and digital archive collection, thus creating a record for the future.
We aren’t finished yet! Tipperary Studies aims to replicate the photos at the next possible opportunity, when life returns to what we know as ‘normal’.

Whilst, we might like to forget life in lockdown, history dictates that we remember even the worst of times. Please help Tipperary County Council Library Service record this for future generations. For further details,; Email ; Tel 0761 06 6100