More great titles and selections at Tipperary Library services





More great titles and selections at Tipperary Library services

This week we continued to welcome back patrons to our branches, and it has been very hopeful and encouraging to see the return of so many old friends and families that have missed their ritual of visiting the library and browsing through our shelves. We are delighted to report that we are very successfully marrying the needs of our visitors with the demands of public hygiene standards, and the feedback we have received has been very positive.

The branches that have re-opened are Cashel; Carrick-on-Suir; Clonmel; Nenagh; Roscrea; Thurles; Templemore; Tipperary Town and Tipperary Studies. You can now visit, return, borrow and browse at your local library branch, whilst at all times observing the rules of social distancing, hand sanitisation and visitor number limits.

We thank most sincerely all of our patrons for their patience and resilience over the last number of weeks and we are very happy to have our doors open to the public once more. Our entire range of services is not yet fully available but we are striving to re-introduce these as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our online resources continue to be popular at the moment too, and here are a few recommendations from our eServices, including eAudioBooks, eBooks, eMagazines, newspapers and even an online course! Remember, you can access all of these services for free with your library card barcode and pin number. If you don’t know these we’ll sort you out at Tel 0761 06 6100, or email

If you’re not a library member but want to join then you can get all you need to access these superb resources in a matter of a couple of minutes at join-your-library.

BorrowBox eBook Recommendation: Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker by H. R. F. Keating.

Inspector Ghote of the Bombay CID is given an unusual order: to stop a murder. But the potential victim turns out to be an expensive flamingo, and soon Ghote suspects the case is linked to a series of elaborate pranks. The hard-working inspector doesn't get the joke, but when the case takes a darker turn, all thoughts of humour are forgotten.

BorrowBox eAudioBook Recommendation: Versailles by Kathryn Davis and read by Elisabeth Rodgers.

A fictionalized account of the life of Marie Antoinette follows her through such challenges as her early marriage to the future King Louis XVI, struggles with the expectations of her station, painful palace betrayals and politics, and interactions with such figures as Mirabeau, Du Barry, and Robespierre.

BorrowBox Kids’ eAudioBook Recommendation: Lily at Lissadell, by Judi Curtin and read by Caroline Lennon.

It’s 1913 and the time has come for Lily to leave primary school in Sligo and start her job in the Big House – Lissadell. Her employers, the Gore-Booths, are kind, but life as a young housemaid is hard: Lily misses her home and family, she works long days and has to learn how to get on with her sullen roommate, Nellie.

Then Maeve, the daughter of Constance Markievicz and niece of the Gore-Booths, comes to visit. She decides to paint a portrait of Lily, and a friendship begins. In a changing Ireland, learning about each other’s lives can only be a good thing – but can a friendship between two girls from such different worlds last?

Borrowbox Young Adults’ eBook Recommendation: Toffee by Sarah Crossan.

Allison has run away from home and with nowhere to live finds herself hiding out in the shed of what she thinks is an abandoned house. But the house isn't empty. An elderly woman named Marla, with dementia, lives there – and she mistakes Allison for an old friend from her past called Toffee.

Allison is used to hiding who she really is, and trying to be what other people want her to be. And so, Toffee is who she becomes. After all, it means she has a place to stay. There are worse places she could be.

But as their bond grows, and Allison discovers how much Marla needs a real friend, she begins to ask herself - where is home? What is a family? And most importantly, who am I, really?

And, because BorrowBox is full to the brim of top class non-fiction titles too, why don’t you have a look at… How to Wear Socks by John Jannuzzi.

Socks, a bare necessity in anyone’s wardrobe, are often a wear-it-if-it’s-clean kind of garment. You put them on, pull them up, and go about the rest of your day. But there’s a lot more to a good sock than meets the eye, or the foot. Within the world of socks, there are a staggering number of options, from material to style to length to, of course, colour and print. How to Wear Socks teaches you everything you need to know about socks.


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