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Carry a whole library  with you wherever you go!

You can enjoy your own private library during Covid-19 precautions by using Kildare County Council's online library services

Unfortunately we find ourselves back at Level 5 once again, and all of our library branches in Tipperary will remain closed for the duration of the current restrictions. There is, however, a wide range of eServices that you can access from the safety and comfort of your own homes, some of which are highlighted below.

As well as the Tipperary Library eServices, there are also a wealth of resources on FaceBook, for both young and old alike:

- Check out the kids' Halloween stories from Stephanie and Rachel in Clonmel and  Sarah in Cashel, as well as some lovely seasonal craft ideas from staff members that should keep your small people entertained for the spooky celebrations. Be sure to keep an eye out for Breda's topical "Pandemic Pumpkin" masterpiece!

 - The recent Positive Ageing Week events have all been made available to view online, and amongst them are some very useful talks on home security, mindfulness, home supports and, our favourite, the Library service.

 - We are now posting on Instagram, @tipperarycocolibraryservice, so be sure to give us a follow to ensure that you stay up to date with all of our events and announcements.

Here are a few recommendations from our eServices, including eAudioBooks, eBooks, eMagazines, newspapers and even an online course! Remember, you can access all of these services for free with your library card barcode and PIN number.

If you don’t know these we’ll sort you out at Tel. 0761 06 6100, or email If you’re not a library member but want to join then you can get all you need to access these superb resources in a matter of a couple of minutes at

BorrowBox eBook Recommendation: People of Abandoned Character by Clare Whitfield

London, 1888: Susannah rushes into marriage to a young and wealthy surgeon. After a passionate honeymoon, she returns home with her new husband wrapped around her little finger. But then everything changes. His behaviour becomes increasingly volatile and violent. He stays out all night, returning home bloodied and full of secrets.

Lonely and frustrated, Susannah starts following the gruesome reports of a spate of murders in Whitechapel. But as the killings continue, her mind takes her down the darkest path imaginable. Every time her husband stays out late, another victim is found dead. Is it coincidence? Or is he the man they call Jack the Ripper?

BorrowBox eAudioBook Recommendation: The Hudson Valley Ladies' Bulletin Board by Jane L. Rosen and read by Lisa Flanagan

Four women, one tiny lie, and the big repercussions that unite them all in this charming, page-turning novel from the author of Nine Women, One Dress.

Melissa Hunt is the proud creator of The Hudson Valley Ladies' Bulletin Board. When she first came up with the concept, fifteen years earlier, she was happily entrenched in her suburban life with her husband and twin pre-schoolers in the idyllic region north of New York City. Now, with an empty nest and a crippling case of agoraphobia, it's become her lifeline. So when a salacious rival parenting forum threatens the site's existence, she doesn't think twice before airing some fabricated dirty laundry to liven things up. Things get lively all right.

BorrowBox Kids’ eAudioBook Recommendation: Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas, by Martin Howard, and read by Justin Fletcher

When a mix-up at the auction leads to a surprise win, the Farmer brings his prize animals – a trio of llamas – home to the farm. Shaun is thrilled, but are the new residents a baaad influence?

Borrowbox Young Adults' eBook Recommendation: Boy by Brent van Staalduinen

Boy’s final year of high school is unraveling. Fast. He had it all worked out, from crushing his final exams to military school to a career in the air force. But his family’s tragic past and its complicated present have caught up to him, and his marks are slipping, jeopardizing all of his plans.

And, because BorrowBox is full to the brim of top class non-fiction titles too, why don’t you have a look at…Happiness, A Mystery, And 66 Attempts to Solve It, by Sophie Hannah

Happiness is one of life's greatest mysteries. But what even is happiness? Why does it mean so many different things to different people? And how can we actually be happier?

Drawing on decades of experience in crime writing, self-help and intensely curious observation of other people, Sophie Hannah sets out to solve the mystery. She lines up her cast of suspects and expert witnesses from ancient philosophers to modern self-help gurus, scientists to ordinary people from all walks of life. Leaving no stone unturned, she scrutinises the clues, evidence, and even the red herrings that unexpectedly lead to happiness. And she uncovers answers - from the secrets of a fulfilling relationship to the joys of boredom, or of the bliss of a cancelled meeting.


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For more information on Tipperary County Council Library Service’s eResources check out, call 0761 06 6100 or email Stay inspired and connected throughout the battle against Covid-19 with Tipperary County Council Library Service.