Mo Chara Animal Rescue: Homes for Sasha & Anna

Catherine O'Brien


Catherine O'Brien


Mo Chara Animal Rescue:  Homes for Sasha & Anna

Sasha & Anna

Sasha and Anna came to us two months ago from Nenagh Pound. The dog warden having been spotted straying in the town of Roscrea had recently picked them up. The condition they were in was simply heart-breaking. Severely underweight, both dogs were suffering from some of the worst mange we had ever seen. Their skin was almost bare of hair, cracked and weeping. Their skin was so inflamed that even their ears and feet were swollen.

Their physical problems almost paled in comparison to their emotional scars. Both girls were terrified. If you made a sudden movement, Anna would flinch and drop to the ground often urinating from fear. Sasha’s coping method was avoidance, she would not make eye contact or acknowledge that you even existed – I used to have to lift her from the bed to change her bedding and she would remain curled in a ball on the floor until I picked her up to return her to the bed again. It was heart-breaking to see her so shut down.

Anne, from Nenagh Pound, began treating them as soon as they arrived with her and we soon brought them to the rescue to continue their treatment. For several weeks the girls needed intensive care – daily medications and frequent medicated bathes. Thankfully, the treatments worked and soon we were seeing daily improvements in their condition. Now, almost two months later, the girls have completed their journey to good health. Anna’s coat is now a gleaming golden fawn while Sasha’s coat is a very pretty tri-colour.

I am thrilled to say that they have also blossomed in happy, friendly dogs – it is amazing what some TLC can achieve! Anna is still a little shy of new people but Sasha is, remarkably, now a confident and outgoing girl. Now it is time for each of them to find loving homes of their own. Both are good on the lead and sociable with other dogs. For more info, please get in touch via Facebook or by contacting us on 0876576022.

Upcoming Events

June 2nd – Summer Stroll – Mo Chara Animal Rescue, Cooleeney, Moyne, Thurles - 3pm

Join us on Sunday June 2nd at 3pm to bring all of the rescue dogs out for a casual walk and ‘meet and greet’. You are welcome to bring your own dog too as this is a great opportunity for you and your dog to socialise with other dogs and pet-loving people!

June 2nd – Bake Sale – Thurles Cathedral – 10am-1pm

The first Sunday of the month sees our ever popular bake sale return to Thurles Cathedral with a delicious range of home-made, freshly baked goods! Why not spoil yourself, your family or your friends by stopping by for a tasty treat?!

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