Mo Chara: Gorgeous furry friends looking for their forever homes





Mo Chara: Gorgeous furry friends looking for their forever homes

It is so often the dogs (especially the fluffy cute little puppies) that hog all the attention while at the rescue while their counterpart, the wonderful cat, is quite often overlooked. We’re never sure why!

Cats can be just as much fun and rewarding to keep as a pet and they are sometimes easier to look after. Cats do not need much supervised exercise, compared to dogs, so you will not have to worry about getting up on a frosty morning in the middle of winter or on a chilly and rainy spring morning to go for that eagerly awaited walk.

Cats also take up less space than most dogs. They won’t take over your favourite couch or cover the floor with their toys. They only need a small space for their bed and a litter tray. They also will not bark at each passer-by or other animals, making them a quieter pet to live with – something that your neighbours may appreciate!

Many cats are also self-cleaning. No baths or showers or shampoo needed and very little hair shed. Just the occasional brush is required to keep their coat in good condition. The exception being long-coated cats who may need a thorough brush weekly to keep their coats tangle-free.

Presently, we have so many cats and kittens (of all ages) in our care that we are unable to take in anymore until some have been rehomed to loving homes.

We simply cannot safely care for any more animals in the cattery at this time – though of course, we will still do our best to assist in emergency cases. Sadly, this year the number of owners looking to rehome their own pets has been overwhelming and until some of our residents have been rehomed, we will have to turn animals away.

We have a variety of adult cats and kittens in our care at the cattery right now, all still looking for their forever homes. They are all vaccinated, treated against worms/ fleas and neutered/ spayed (if old enough). Our cats and kittens are well socialised with people and other animals. If you would like more information on any of the little furry felines currently in our care please call or text 087-2577182 for more details.

For more information about Mo Chara Animal Rescue, please email mocharaanimalrescue@, call 087-2577182 or 087-6576022, or find us on Facebook ( mocharaanimalrescue).

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