Tipperary Breakfast Champions are ready to serve Féile Trip to Tipp visitors…as Kevin Thornton returns for a Premier breakfast!






Tipperary Breakfast Champions are ready to serve Féile Trip to Tipp visitors…as Kevin Thornton returns for a Premier breakfast!

Tipperary Breakfast Champions and TFPN members Mary Fogarty of The Cottage, Loughmore and Máirín Byrne of Inch House Pudding pictured in The Cottage, Loughmore. Picture: John D Kelly

The Tipperary Breakfast Champions are a group of eleven hospitality and food businesses who are committed to only serving the very best of Tipperary food produce to their guests each morning. The chartered initiative created by the Tipperary Food Producers Network (TFPN) and supported by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine is an extension of The Tipperary Breakfast, the signature breakfast created by Kevin Thornton

Double Michelin-starred Chef, Kevin Thornton initially created The Tipperary Breakfast in 2017 using only the finest Tipperary produce from the hands of TFPN members. Following an inspirational launch where representatives of the hospitality, food and tourism industry in Tipperary enjoyed a demonstration and tasting, the decision was made to actively encourage all local businesses to create their very best Tipperary breakfast offerings using network produce and hence the Tipperary Breakfast Champions project began.

Féile 2019, The Trip to Tipp will take place the this weekend, September 20 and 21 attracting a large number of visitors to the Premier County. The Tipperary Breakfast Champions are poised and ready to serve a taste of Tipperary to festival-goers using the very best of local produce from the food producers network. Local Tipperary Breakfast Champions close to the festival includes The Horse & Jockey Hotel, Inch House and The Cottage, Loughmore to name a few. -The criteria to become a Tipperary Breakfast Champion is simple, the hospitality provider must include at least five ingredients supplied by members of the Tipperary Food Producers Network, then each champion can put their own unique stamp on the breakfast dishes they create with them.

Kevin Thornton will curate the ‘Food for Life’ area at this year’s Féile weekend much to the champions and network members delight. Hospitality and food go hand in hand and in Tipperary and we are most fortunate to have some of the finest land and produce available nationwide.

The Tipperary Food Producers Network are working in conjunction with Tipperary County Council, Tipperary Tourism, Munster Vales and Ireland’s Ancient East on this project and many interesting initiatives that the network will be rolling out over the coming months. For information on upcoming projects, news and events visit www.tipperaryfoodproducers.ie.