Mo Chara: Puppies galore at Mo Chara

Catherine O'Brien


Catherine O'Brien


Mo Chara:  Puppies galore at Mo Chara

Puppies galore at Mo Chara

Several weeks ago, the beautiful Tammy arrived with us from North Tipperary Pound – she didn’t come alone though, in tow were all eight of her adorable puppies!
The puppies are now 10 weeks old and are ready to find loving forever homes. Tammy is a Saluki mix but her puppies are very small so we think Dad may have been a Jack Russell Terrier! While they are likely to grow bigger than their Dad, judging by their current size, these pups will be no more than medium sized as adults.
With eight in the litter, there is a personality to suit every family! Some of the pups are quiet and calm while others are super playful and curious about everything! If you are thinking about adding a pup to your family, I highly recommend contacting Carita to arrange a visit to meet this fabulous bunch. They are all short coated so grooming will be minimal – as will their exercise needs! A twenty-minute run-about twice a day and this lot will be happy!
These pups are well socialised with people of all ages and other dogs, but like all pups they will need house training and lead training. Gentle, consistent and positive training methods yield the best results with all dogs. The pups are fully vaccinated and have been treated against parasites. They are microchipped and the adoption donation covers the chip re-registration fee. Their new owners will need to agree to have them neutered once they are old enough.

Cold Weather Preparation
Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a rapid drop in temperatures that’s set to continue through-out the winter months so now is the time to get prepared to make life comfier and safer for your pets (and easier for you!)
For outdoor pets, check kennels, sheds and hutches to make sure they are dry and free from leaks and draughts. Gaps between boards can be sealed with special expanding foam sealants – just make sure the product you use is non-toxic and safe for use with pets! Consider where you will keep the animal if it gets too cold for them to remain outdoors – do you need to clear space in the garage for hutches or pet-safe a room in your home?
Make sure you have showerproof, warm coats ready for both you and your pooch for dog-walks on miserable winter days. Sort out an old towel for drying off paws – and if you think your walk-route has been salted then make sure to wash your dog’s paws before drying them off, as the salt can be harmful if licked off. For animals who spend a lot of time outdoors, you may need to increase their feed slightly to allow for the extra energy expended on keeping warm.

Contact Us
For more information about adopting from us at Mo Chara Animal Rescue, our Calendars or our Shoebox appeal, please email, call Nikki on 087-2577182 or Carita on 087-6576022, or find us on Facebook -