Mo Chara: Mighty Maximus!

Catherine O'Brien


Catherine O'Brien


Mo Chara:  Mighty Maximus!


Maximus, or Max to his friends, is a gorgeous 4-year-old Black Labrador mix. He is a big, friendly goofball who loves everybody! Max had no training what-so-ever before arriving with us at the rescue but we have been working with him and local dog trainer, Kevin Fogarty, to work on his good manners! Max will now walk nicely on a lead, sit and stay – but as these are new skills for him, his new owners will need to continue his training to cement these good behaviours!
Max is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped – and he is also up to date on his flea/worm treatments. His beautiful glossy black coat will need minimal upkeep (a quick weekly brush and a bath a couple of times a year) to keep it in top condition.
Max is looking for a loving home where he will be allowed indoors to sleep and to interact with his new family. He loves to play and run so he would be best suited to a home with a medium-large garden for exercise; however, this could be overcome with a regular walking schedule too!

Bringing a New Dog home – The Rule of 3
While it will sometimes happen that a new dog or puppy will slot into their new home as if they had always lived there, it is much more reasonable (and fair!) to expect a ‘settling in’ period. A good guideline for this, is the Rule of 3
3 days – In the first three days, your new arrival may feel scared and overwhelmed. They may be shy and an unsure of themselves. In these early days, make sure your new pet has a safe, quite place to retreat to if their new surroundings become too overwhelming and make sure that everyone in the family knows to give them some space/quiet time if they seek it.
3 weeks – During this time, your dog will begin to settle in and feel more comfortable. They will be used to their new environment and will be adjusting to their new daily routine. It is during this time that a new dog may start testing their boundaries and “acting out” to see just what hijinks they can get away with! For this reason, it is important to calmly, kindly and consistently set limitations to teach them what is acceptable within your household.
3 months – After 3 months, your new arrival should be well settled into their new environment and routine, this gives them a sense of contentment and security which then allows them now to focus and building their lifelong relationship with you, based on trust and love.
If behavioural or training issues crop up at any time in those first few months, we encourage you to seek help quickly before the behaviours become firmly established in your home! If your new dog comes from a Rescue, then the first step should be to contact them for advice (many rescues, including Mo Chara, have a trainer amongst their volunteers) and after that working with a dog trainer or behaviourist directly might be the best solution. If addressed quickly, problems can often have simple remedies, which will allow you and your new dog to get back on the track to happiness and harmony!
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